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Issue with multiple accounts from same IP address?

A family member has recently disclosed his forum account was permanently suspended. I suspect it was no coincidence this occurred while my personal account was suspended last week.

He told he received a message telling him his account was suspended due to a multiple account infraction.

Does anyone know if the forum limits user accounts to one per IP address?
If so, I suggest this may be unfair to families with multiple users.

Allow me to clarify.

  • We don’t know who is related to who on the forums so it would have been a coincidence.

  • Moderators don’t have time to go digging or, if I may be frank, the inclination to go digging around for familial relationships to penalize people

  • Users are banned based on their actions, and their actions alone

  • We do not target IP addresses, as you said, due to multiple people having access to and using 1 IP address.

Thanks for your response.

I did not intend to be critical. I apologize if my message came across as harsh. I intended this to be a question not a statement. As someone who did not learn English as a primary language, I foolishly rely on the formal rules of punctuation usage to define the difference between a statement and a question.

Perhaps more common usage would define this as a statement, I cannot be certain, but this is not what I intended.

While you gracefully answered my question, this provides no assistance to my son. As he is unable to communicate with forum staff is it possible I send a direct message to someone for the purposes of requesting his account be reopened? I cannot fathom he posted anything that would result in a permanent suspension. As there is no issue with multiple accounts from the same IP address I assume this should not be a problem.

Thanks for your assistance.

You can Dm me or Isabelle.

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