Issue with persistent loading

I get the above …loading every time the game loads and I try to click anything. I’ve reinstalled the game and my 4g is @70Mbps

Occasionally I’ll get one one screen in but no further due to the bottom right … loading

Using pixel 3a

Same here, no longer able to play the game. Went through the first two levels and am currently stuck on intermittent loading no matter what menu I try and access.

Running on high speed wifi, LG q6.

It is weekend, so @Ned (our WoW support guy on these forums) is not working right now. Given that I can still play, so it’s not general server outage, I guess he’d probably say something like this:

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Same thing on loading at char screen!

I also have this same issue. When I finally attempt a dungeon, I receive error code 107 and the game instantly restarts…putting me back into the same repetitive loop.

Same issue here.

I was having the same problem too so I logged off game center (iOS) and used facebook(new game and new support key) to log in and the problem was solved. I can now play the game. ‬

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It works until you open the shop. Then you get back into the loading loop, good thing the game isnt a cash grab OH WAIT.

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to see that many of you were having this issue over the weekend.

Although I’m not really sure what might be causing it, our team would be more than happy to take a closer look at this and see what the issue could be. It would be really helpful if you could send your support key along with your device information over to our team at

If you’re on an iOS device:

You could also try logging out and in Game Center.

However, please make sure that your support key is saved or written down before trying this step.