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Issue with PVP Video Playback?

Anyone else having an issue with the bonus spin by watching an ad? I’ve tried three in a row and its brought a blank white screen with a playback error and no bonus spin.


Not this particular issue, but yes I did face some problems with ads since the game crashes frequently after I play an ad.

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Today it has been saying that there is no more content for me idk if I reached the max videos in a time period or if it’s related to this

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My game crashes too sometimes after I watch ads…


Yeah. Mine isnt crashing or telling me no more videos are available. Just a white screen and an “x” to close out of the window.

I’ve been getting the same error a lot or just crashes. Either way seldom am getting a free spin.

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I’m having issues with the ads pretty much all around. I never do regular PvP, so can’t speak to that. But the extra mystery pack every 6 hours, hatchery, fusion, lottery and starting tournament battles over the weekend all would either crash the game, blank white screen, say no content or just not give me credit. Been at least a week of this now.


Yep, I’ve had all of those too.

I’ve pretty much abandoned PvP due to the second spin being so unreliable. :frowning:

At least with the lottery, when you have an ad problem, you can pay for the tickets. As long as it isn’t a DNA day, I’d much rather pay.


I’m also continuing to have issues with crashes when trying to pick up my apato fossils. And it’s often weirdly delayed, not the immediate crash that I would typically see when stashing decorations.

When my game crashes, it’s the delayed manner you mention. The last 45 seconds of game play have to be redone when I log back in.

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Here’s an idea: buff PvP prize wheel and remove the ad. Add an extra ad to free DNA to make up for it.