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Issue with stuns


I like stuns the double stun is a lil not nice maybe lower the second stun chance by x% but whatever.

Here is the issue with stuns. If i am slower than a target let’s say ankylsaurus and i use my instant invincibility. If the guy does land the stun then i take no damage from the stun but still i get stunned. Then next turn i have to forfeit because i was faster than the target. After the stun i am slower than the target so again i take a second round without being able to defend myself.

In closing i feel that this double damage you take from getting stunned off an instant distraction or invincibility shield should be reworked. Because the worst move you can do against a stunning dinosaur is use a defensive.


But that’s the point, to NOT do this… Never use an Instant Invincibility or Distraction against a faster stunner… It’s like swap in against a possible stun. Not very smart. If you’re out of immunes or don’t have a tank to endure the stuns, you can only hope for the stun to fail.


A priority move will ensure you go first, so if you are slower than the stunner, the stun will take effect on the next turn, so try not to use priority moves when the opponent has a stun available unless the stun move will kill you and you are a counter attacker and want to gamble that the opponent’s stun will not land and do some damage in return. Otherwise by doing moves such as instant invincibility, not only you give the opponent a free go, but also allows the opponent to recharge the delay on stunning moves.


And you feel this is a good design? You don’t think it would be better if the invincibility saved you from getting stunned as well? What is the point of a defensive cooldown if you can’t use it. Stygy vs kentrosaurus it is pretty simple to see kentrosaurus has no defensives and cant mitigate any of the damage. He will die in 3 rounds from shield strike, stun, impact and run. With kentrosaurus maybe getting 500 damage in if he is lucky.


And how many dinos these invicibility users can utterly destroy with the combination of this move and the ability to counter? I’m sorry but this would make those priority moves too OP. The damage block is good enough for me. Some dinos rely totally on stuns to be any good (Paramoloch is the best example), and that’s already a gamble since the stun can fail… Imagine if they couldn’t even stun through instant invincibility or distraction.


If priority moves can prevent damage as well as effects, what’s the point of immune dinosaurs since some priority moves have very low cooldowns. Preventing damage and as well as cycling big moves is already very strong.


One thing that I noticed about the stuns is that when you’re slower, the first stun lands, the oponent loses the next turn, but then, if you want to stun him again, it never works… in other words, if you use stun on a stunned dino, it never gets stunned for the next turn again.

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That was something they changed back in 1.4 prior to this you could stun a stunned dino… and with some dinos like stegocera was entirely possible to stun something 3 turns in a row…

That was worse then evasive…