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Issue with subscriber perks?

So, I am currently subscribed to the game, for about a month. And during the last exclusive Johan dragon trade, in the entire two days of early access that’s supposed to be a perk, I didn’t get a single trade item. Not even, I was only using the free saddlebag and just ‘missed’ the items, not one single item came up in two entire days of searching. At all. And it looks like this is happening again with the Sparkheart trade. Its a little insulting to be paying for this perk and not being able to benefit from it at all. Once full access starts I may have one search in four or five that turns up with no items at all, this is pretty obviously an omission.
Then on the topic of the Light Fury, she takes far too long to train for something we have to pay to get in the first place, and the searches take an absurd amount of time, again for a paid perk. Then those searches are padded out with dragons we already had access to via Toothless. Unless there was a benefit of shorter search times, better egg odds or getting more trade items instead of wood/fish, those explorations are just a waste.

I know the Light Fury probably won’t be changed, but the pointless trade days have been grating on my nerves.

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I completely agree with everything you have stated and more… I wish you the best of luck trying to get anything fixed by Ludia. I have experienced similar bugs/glitches/etc. and I have always been given very broad answers to my inquiries and nothing as far as results. I have missed out on Dragons from collections, which I was well within the completion time, the amount of runes I get on Gold and Classic has now become laughable(45 Runes on Gold?), special event glitches( Fish and Wood! HAHA), Etc. Etc. My advice would be to tread very lightly and don’t “rock the boat”. ( Just my opinion though, on Google Play Store and Facebook, everyone gets Gumdrops:candy: and Lollipops:lollipop: if they complain:grinning:)
Because of Ludia’s Terms & Conditions, I can’t share the truth of my experience:eyes:( Well, I could, I just would rather let my child play this game than end up in Court(s):classical_building: v.sharing and speaking the truth… Have you read the T&C’s? While not verbatim these Gems are in there: “you don’t actually own anything which you have bought” and they have “reserved the right to delete the content which you have paid for at any time, without reason or notice” I’ve offered to send Ludia Forensic proof- no response. I’ve offered to pay for proof of delivery or timestamps… Nothing. Also, I would highly recommend you play on Google Play Store, while I don’t, the CS is 1000X better there and it seems like they actually care about their brand on Google reviews. I would highly recommend not proving someone wrong, even if you use their own Terms and Conditions to counter anything which they tell you. (<-- This is something that I wish I could talk about).:zipper_mouth_face:I’M NOT SPEAKING ABOUT ANYTHING NEFARIOUS… IMHO, JUST INCREDIBLY EMBARRASSING. If I can offer any advice, send me a message and I would be more than happy to help. I don’t like the “Policies and Stipulations” which they have put in place to stifle objective scrutiny. :male_detective::female_detective:

When I signed up for the Dragon Riders subscription service, something which I asked to do and would have done, at least a year prior to the most recent announcement. However, because of the platform which I was playing on, I was unable to do so. I was spending ridiculous amounts of money($1500+):moneybag:. I had read everything, both on Ludia’s platforms and several other additional resources, which described all of the perks/issues that came with being a member of, “Dragon Riders”. I did the same thing prior to signing up… I was extremely upset when I didn’t receive Big Buff as it was one of the factors in why I joined. I expressed my concern with Ludia and I was told that I misunderstood what they meant. This was genuinely shocking because, within the same email, they also told me that they were aware of the confusion that it had been causing, so they took it down. They also informed me of what it was supposed to mean!?! I was shocked to read this type of message. While I am not an English Ph.D., I am very familiar with grammar and general rules, especially because of my chosen Profession within Sales& Marketing, along with the accompanied potential legal liability which comes with making statements/promises that are applicable to a vast swath of regulatory guidelines. (These include but are not limited to Municipal, State, Federal, Etc. Just as an FYI, I regularly write content which is sent to a wide range of consumers, ranging from 10 thousand-100’s of thousands, and well in excess of millions of consumers,(Compromised of previous, current, and future-clients) so I asked for an explanation of the following content: _“Dragon Riders! Your Big Buff is yours to keep forever, and you have exclusive access to the brand new Light Fury!"
This is what the original(now deleted and replaced) advertisement/announcement stated.
I have broken it down for questions? - “Dragon Riders! Your Big Buff is yours to keep forever, and you have exclusive access to the brand new Light Fury”. ( I have added the Bold-Italics emphasis to illuminate the grammatical meaning of the words and their meanings which have been used within this marketing/sales description. I would appreciate any feedback… Positive or Negative…Is anyone available::question::grey_question::question::sunglasses:

“DR’s”( SEE Below)- Collective Plural Noun which ends with an !, an ! is either used to add emphasis or replaces a midsentence comma, “BB”- Plural Noun, “is”: used a linking verb, “yours”-:a pronoun which indicates a thing which belongs to you, to “keep”: an irregular verb- to have possession of v./or stative verb/intransitive verb followed by the word:“forever”: a verb in- “present continuous tense”, which is then followed by the word:“and”- here it is used as a noun, which describes two conditions to be met for an outcome to be achieved, ,
*“DR’s” (Dragon Riders!- whether it’s for emphasis or replacing a comma, because it’s a “Title” which is followed by an exclamation point, this emphasis signifies current and future “DR’s” because it is followed by: “you have” which here it expresses a past event with present consequences, thus it is an example of “present perfect tense”, which emphasizes the present effect of a past event, exact time doesn’t matter) Good Luck!!

From what i understood it means “Current subscribers gets to keep their big buff and now, as part of the update, they will also have access to the light fury”

“Dragon Riders!” is addressing to existing subscribers. If you are not a “dragon rider”/subscriber yet then this does not apply to you.

[pardillo6045]- I am not sure how you read it that way? ( I appreciate the comment but the note the original content
& especially the word usage:
AND- it’s a conjunction which is almost always used to indicate a connection/addition, especially when there are items within the same class or type. The proper use of “AND” is used to join sentence elements of the same grammatical rank or function…

I am over it, it’s par for the course!

I was very familiar with Dragon Riders, as I wanted to join over a year ago.

If it was so concise? Why did Ludia remove the original marketing content because of the “confusion” it was causing and then told me “what it was supposed to mean”…?