Issue with supply drops


I have an issue with the supply drops, I have acquired a silly amount of coins and darts but I have never received any cash even though it says I should on them, has anyone else had similar problems with them?


It’s a super low chance to get the cash. I’ve got it maybe 10 or so times in 3 weeks playing. You’ll get some eventually, but don’t expect the supply drops to be a steady source (unless you spend hours hitting drops until you hit the daily limit, which is around 20 or 30 cash).


I have had none in the 2 weeks I have been playing :joy:


Are you VIP? I tend to get it on the 3rd reward if it does drop. I hardly ever receive it on the second reward.


No, I’m just basic, at the moment I don’t think it’s good value for money to be vip, I’m not the kind of person who parts with money easily lol