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Issue with video ads

There seems to be an issue with some of the video ads. At one point everything just freezes. There was one instance where I watched a video to unlock a pvp, the screen went dark after a few seconds and the “x” to close then appeared. When closing, the fight started then the video appeared again. Not sure what’s happening.

Any one else having these kind of issues?

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I haven’t had that happen, but sometimes I watch a speed up ad for the hatchery or evolution chamber and maybe 20 seconds later another ad just randomly starts. No reward for anything is given.


I spam the top right corner (where the X button usually appears) whenever I’m watching an ad and there’s a couple of seconds remaining.

A few times I’ve had an ad that seemed glitchy. It’s just black screen that flickers and every time it flickers I can see the counter in the bottom left not really moving. I’m guessing because the ad is not really playing. I have to close the app and open it back up. I’ve lost a few second spins because of this.