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I have a issue where when I battle it will either lag me out but still have me in the match and still have me fighting which I would mainly lose, also I think it’s really unfair that I keep getting matched with people who have higher lvl dinos than me because its going to me I lose a majority of the time like for example, I have a velociraptor that is lvl 16 and I get matched with a velociraptor that is lvl 18, both velociraptors have the same speed but the higher lvl ones always go first and it kills my raptor and then wipes the floor with my other dinos because of its speed and power. It’s not just Raptors, it’s all higher lvl dinos. I think it should be who has faster speed and if the speed is the same it should be chosen like a coin flip or something like that. Also a couple days ago I was able to run 2 battle incubators at the same time and now I cant. So was it a glitch?


If you and your opponent have the same dino and are the same level, who goes first is decided by who pushes the button first. But if you’re using the same dino and their levels are different, the speed advantage goes to the higher level. It makes sense.

The trick to beating higher level raptors is to either find a way to slow them (Stegos are great) or foul up their rotation. If they kill one of your dinos with a Pounce attack, then their only option the next round is Strike, which most dinos can face-tank. Try to trick them into using Pounce to finish something off, then murder them in the next round.


Disagree. If someone’s managed to level their dino higher they should go first.

If levels are tied and someone selects their attack first they should go first.

Not RNG.

Yeah, I think that was just a (lucky) glitch :slight_smile:


One of the things I like about combat in this game is the strategy of it. There’s no strategy to RNG.


Well at least they should have a higher likelihood of not matching higher lvl opponents with lower lvl opponents lol it’s just a little unfair