Issues I have with 1.4 update


So I’m not going to touch on the move changes in this or the shenanigans with the tournament as I’m pretty sure several threads are already up for those.

  1. Flying dino event spins. Far too often is it nearly impossible to spin the supply drop because the flying dino is layered on top of the spin. Obviously if one is low on darts this is a problem but more so… once you reach your limit of attempts you cannot dart the dino to clear the spin and as such the x2 coin dollar and dart bonuses are inaccessible.

  2. This goes hand in hand with the above problem: splitting daily limits between regular and event supply drops. Not only has flyers prevented me from reaching my goals each day because I cannot spin the drop as mentioned above… this is just an obvious attempt to slow player progression by reducing the odds of reaching daily limits. This does not enhance the game for any player, casuals will be even less likely to reach their goals, and hard core players will just be irritated by having to manage more limit pools.

  3. Keeping up with layers… this one is one that just hasn’t been fixed since strike events dropped. Dino’s spawning under strike events are inaccessible bc the strike event is layered on top. I’ve brought this up and Ludia claims it is IMPOSSIBLE to fix. Hogwash, once you finish treasure chests they disappear so why can’t strike events? Then layering is not even an issue.

  4. The new arena ranks 5000, and 6000. The incubators rewards in these arenas are pre 1.3, they show 38 epic dna for a large incubator. It should be showing 18 exclusive dino and 18 epic. Also, as a side note… the reward is the same as the arena below it. Why should my rewards stay stagnant as I climb the ladder, where’s the reward and motivation. This is important to note since from what I can gather it is a huge part of the reward problem from the tournament.

  5. Arena ranks could be silly if tournament reset is coming again. At the time I typed this, only 12 people are above 6000 trophies. If another reset is coming, what is the point of adding arenas since it took the whole tournament to get there. The arena not only becomes redundant but then subsequently because of exclusive Dino’s, it will limit the new flyer hybrid from really ever being used because only a handful will be collecting from the arenas that hold the epic flyer required… and if those, few if any will have a high enough leveled one for it to matter.

Maybe this will help and maybe it won’t. Just trying to make people aware of these quality of life issues. Some of these oversights are troubling for the simple fact that they were easy to encounter within the first 20-30 minutes of playing after the update went live so it’s confusing how they made it through internal testing.

If anyone else has encountered any others we should list them accurately and detailed. I’d rather this not become another thread for Ludia bashing back and forths please


Are you complaining that they are giving us more daily coins?? Yeah, it’s definitely annoying that the green supply drops are blocked by the flying dinos, but I’ll never complain about getting more coins. I read something saying they were going to fix that glitch. It’s not hard to keep track of the daily limits. Tap the info icon on the supply drops to see how much more you can get before the limit is reached.


Are sure it’s more coins or did they just take the old daily limit and do it between the green and orange!

I never paid attention to the limit that much!

I don’t remember what the limit was before on the orange drops is it still the same as it was before 1.4 if yes than more coins it is


The orange supply drops still have the same limit as before the update. The green ones have their own limit and don’t count toward the orange limit. I’m not 100% sure about treasure chests but I think someone said they don’t count toward our supply drop limits anymore and are their own thing now, when they appear.


Cool now if they can fix the birds bugging the green! It’s annoying :joy:


My biggest concern with the event supply drops getting a coin limit was that during this flyer week, it has been very difficult to reach those goals. I also wasn’t complaining so much as discussing issues I have noticed. It does appear that they are additional to the old limit which is good. In general, increasing the cap and allowing any spin to drop them seems easier for all players, maybe it will be a moot point once the aforementioned bug is fixed.