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Issues in alliance chat?

I can rarely ever chat with my alliance friends about different things. Once I donate DNA, and I go to battle, or dino roster, whatever, and I come back to the chat page, it’s completely blacked out. I can’t see DNA requests, other chat messages, nothing. I didn’t mind it at first, because it wasn’t a continuous thing. But now, it’s a constant, however many times a day I log on. Is it my device, which is a Samsung S8? Or is it yet another bug that needs fixing?

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Been a bug since day 1 of alliances.

“The devs are aware and are working on resolving this issue shortly”


Yeah, no really. they are “working on it, known bug.”

Edit: It’s only been a year. Give them time.


Well, then, why not give them two? Ha! Ha!

Soooooo irritating, like so many other things.

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Yeah, it’s unfortunate.

This issue really, really needs to be addressed, along with adding leader/alliance tools.


Alliance tools would be great to have. Would that just be for leaders or the whole team? I just had to explain to a team player how to do invites when they asked how to do it. I said that I go like into my battle list, and look at player’s profiles, and do an invite. If they join, great! If not, then oh well. Some aren’t even in an alliance, and I invite. I go through my friend list and do the same.
It’s surprising what team players don’t know what they can do.

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If you go into your chat to view an unseen message or request and this happens, click over to the friends tab, then back into the alliance tab and it will show.

This usually shows all the other requests also.

This will not fix the order of messages though and will not show previous messages correctly either. Its like the game forgets how to read time stamps and shows old messages. But, it does show the requests and unread messages correctly after doing this.

This is by no means “a fix”, they really do need to fix this. But it is a method that helps until the day comes when it is actually fixed.


Thanks for the info! Now I can constant click between friends and chat!

But, seriously, thank you for your help.

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Routinely I’ve noticed we get issues where the timestamps are wrong, or I go into the chat and find messages from 4-5 days ago.

Then there is the problem with timed out requests not disappearing or requests shunting while you try to donate, leaving you donating DNA you wanted to keep.

I often times get messages that say, “unable to complete at this time” when I’m trying to donate DNA. We’ve had quite a few beginners join, so right now they are looking for the basics to create the next gens. And yes, also that message while you’re donating. If they want to make pop up messages interesting or important, make it something of value that I can go get out of a drop box, or something that I would get from doing my daily battles. But nooooo, that would be too easy or too giving to do .

What ya gonna do :thinking:?

I see those unable to complete messages typically after not being logged on for a while, especially when I first log on in the morning. I believe the reason is that those requests are done and they have reached their time limit. I say that because I have seen a request by a user giving this message and then further down I see another request by the same user. Since we cannot make dual requests, the ‘errored’ request must be timed out and the request for some reason has not been removed.


I agree, I’ve seen that time and time again also.

Maybe for Christmas I’ll ask Santa to fix the chat for all of us :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ve played loads of other games that use in game chat, and none of them are as bad as this.

It’s simply typical Ludia nonsense to say they are aware and are fixing it. We all know they aren’t.

So why won’t they fix it?
The new ‘let’s communicate more’ is falling on deaf ears yet again. Because we don’t know why it isn’t being fixed.


It’s baffling to me that developers of a game would allow players to form teams, yet give them no useful tools for organizing or tracking team members’ activity, not even the basic ability to see the most recent date/time a team member was most recently on. It’s crazy. And I’m getting so tired of having to constantly shut down and reopen the app just to get the chat to reset and display properly, not show a mish-mash of comments from five days ago or nothing at all. There are so many problems, the game’s becoming almost unplayable for me. It’s supposed to be FUN, not a source of endless frustration. :disappointed:


Violet, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Like you, I have to keep closing and rebooting the app to get anything close to being able to use the chat facility. So I ask the the same question as you, why make something available that clearly doesn’t work as it should?

Of course the playing of a game should be fun, and it’s hard to not get frustrated at having to constantly keep closing and rebooting to make it work.

I said in my post that Ludia were aware of the issues, but that was just a guess. I wonder if they are. Or whether they will address this issue.


The developers have formed other aspects of the game that require an alliance to complete, which requires teamwork. Teamwork requires effective communication.

How do they expect us to work together to complete tasks when you need to reboot the app after battling if you want to use chat?

If you don’t reboot, you are not getting the most recent conversations. You are not getting the most recent DNA requests.

It is not an effective utility. The leader has the power to kick alliance members out, but isn’t given any relevant information about the effectiveness or activity levels of any of the alliance members. Trophy counts are static, locked to highest achieved. Once every few months trophy count is reset, that’s the best we have for an activity indication.

We must somehow coordinate outside of the game, which is nearly impossible because you can’t even post a link to your external discord server…

I wonder if they have sadistic tendencies and like to watch us falter. Maybe it’s a programming issue they can’t resolve without changing platforms. Maybe they are just too cheap to allocate resources on anything that does not have the possibility of generating income. Maybe they are just inept.

We’ll never know, because they have almost zero communication level with the players. Two, maybe three times they have used their account to actually communicate in this forum. Their communication is about as effective as the chat utility.


If they’d just add a “Last seen” date and time to profiles, that alone would make a big difference. We’d at least be able to see which people were logging ON.

My alliance-mates and I know the majority of members on our team aren’t contributing, but it’s impossible to even tell which people never around at all.


Hey everyone, we hear your voices and understand the frustrations towards the Alliance chat issues and our team is aware of this as well.

With the risk of it sounding repetitive, I would like to reassure you that our team is still actively working on a solution for this.

Sadly, we’re not able to get an ETA at the moment, but we’ll do our best to keep everyone updated once we do have more information.


Hey Ned, please pass on to the team that we are glad that they are still aware of the broken chat mechanism.


6 months : time for ludia’s devs to solve the problem of dinos locked in strike event… Players suggest to make it disappear when done, Ludia didn’t listen and finally fixed it.

Here, we have long been asked to separate requests and chat, Ludia don’t listen so how much for repair a simple chat ? Start your bets…

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Even the dinosaurs are tired of Ludia making us have to wait for our fixes. This one decided to sit a spell and wait!

Sorry, I laughed this morning and thought of that.