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Great update, since it’s happened I’ve had a 100% fail rate with all dodge/cloak moves…and that’s in well over 50+ battles. And I’m guessing stun no longer actually stuns?? I’m now losing battles without even defeating one of the opponents dinos. I’ve got the best team I’ve ever had and they are doing the worst. As always this game is pretty lame with a lot of issues

Dodge only stops 66% of damage now, not 100%. The tooltip was updated to reflect this change.

It was done to stop the dinosaurs dodging 6 times straight and making them unkillable if there was no nullify Dino on team.

So you are indeed dodging from time to time as normal, you are just taking 33% of the damage when you do dodge. So it only appears as if its failing.

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Dodge is working as intended on my end, I just wish it wasn’t so bad. Maybe a 75% or even 90% damage reduction wouldn’t have hurt the mechanic as bad. This 66% stuff is brutalizing indoraptor.


I use the evasive on Indoraptor as a way to either survive a massive hit I couldn’t take otherwise (50% chance to live is better than 100% chance to die) or to give me an extra round to get my big hits off cool down.

What they did to Dodge/Evasive was an absolute stupid move.

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Nah this truly sucks. I just had a battle where I used indoraptor, Indominus Rex, and erlidominus…and all three were knocked out with a single blow each time, losing the battle without even landing an attack! The battles on this game get worse with each update! Oh also seems since update my Thor no longer deals crit hits either. Also going up against level 27 dinos when yours are 22 and have stats no way near the opponents