Issues starting the app

Today am having serious issues starting the App. Can’t get past 1. These last days I reached 7 and then after a few minutes everything went fine… but not today. Can’t play at all.

Do you have good WiFi?

I’m on a samsung s20 ultra, which updated a day or 2 ago, now its deleted the app and I can’t download it! And I haven’t gotten any tuoro dna

Any help?

Sorry I don’t know what to do

Hey AegnorGalladhon, may I ask if you are still having loading issues with the game?

Hey SHAVEMYWIFE, are you receiving any error messages when trying to download the game?

Yeah, I’m gutted I’ve missed the tournament and tiojara, can’t download at all, was working a couple of days ago before the update

SmartSelect_20201228-111904_Google Play Store.jpg

Could you please email our team here at with that screenshot attached so our team can investigate further?

Thank you!

My Samsung S20 just did the massive UI 3 update, my game does the same thing, sits on the loading screen for a short amount of time and crashes. Clearing the cache does nothing, scared to uninstall and reinstall, I was in the game this morning before the update @Ned

Thanks for letting us know, Kirbsta. If you haven’t already, could I ask you to reach out to our support team as well?

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Ended up having to uninstall game, restart phone then reinstall to fix it

Well, I switched from wifi to data and same result, uninstalled and reinstalled the App and nothing. Suddenly around midnight when the daily incubator updates everything solved and I could play again. Sometimes it takes longer to start the App and that doesn’t depend on data/wifi