Issues that need to be fixed

I, as a player, would love to have known issues fixed before introducing new content with new issues.

  1. The slow login time.
  2. Postimetrodon, Carnosaurus, Phoorurex raids consistently exceeding their range and preventing access to dinos and supply drops within their radius.
  3. The lag on the Scorpios Rex raid kill screen.
  4. Raid invite list failing to load and only showing guest as people to invite.
  5. The alliance chat issues showing expired DNA requests.
  6. The alliance chat not keeping chronological order of messages.
  7. The alliance UI for requests lagging on acceptance or rejection.
  8. PVP matchmaking- people are being inappropriately matched. For example, I and several members of the alliance I am a member of, see 5.5k and up rated players in the 3k-4k brackets. Either cap by level/boosts of the dinos being used in those arenas like raids do for legendary and unique or place them in a separate queue for those with same level of dinos in the same arena.

Map lag…
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Ludia to our concerns: