Issues that needs to be addressed in my opinion

1. Matchmaking.

Matchmaking needs to be made from a combination of score and skills only. If you’re good then your score is higher than the average for your teams power, and you’ll meet teams a bit higher than yours as it should be. Vice versa if you’re bad. It’s a natural good matchmaking, as long as you find the optimal ranges for matchmaking in scores.
You can address the issue of dropping arenas on purpose f.ex. by always giving the incubator from your highest arena reached, or by making it possible to select your desired incubator if you’re dropping arenas for better to farm certain creatures. No matter what, the current matching based on power leads to completely ridiculous scores with weak teams in the 5500s and good teams in the 4500s. And you can even get punished by evolving your team, let that sink in.

I’ve also tested swapping out 8 creatures in my team with my lowest lvl ones (lvl 10-ish), leaving only a boosted Thor and a Draco or Erlidominus @ Lvl23-ish, and my win percentage was the same as my best team, or even greater. That also shows how bad the current matchmaking is.

2. “Boost-Locked” teams.

Once you are into boosts you pour them into the creatures in your current team.
This makes you committed to keep that team “forever”. No matter what creature you unlock or what new hybrids you (Ludia) pour into the game, you can’t afford to swap out your current ones. If you stop evolving your already boosted creatures you’ll fall behind. And by the time you have developed a new creature up to the level of the old one, you get stuck with 2 underdeveloped creatures. This can go on for years, until both the old and the new creatures both are at max level, and max boosted.

Best solution to this is is the already proposed boost-resets.
I dont care if they cost money or are free, reset one dino only or reset all, but they should be cheap enough to promote experimentation.

Yes, it may lead to you not selling as much boosts in the short term, but at least your new creatures will actually be used and firmly tested throuout the playerbase. You get a huge variety of teams as there will be room and opportunity to experiment. The game will be more fun and entertaining, as opposed to boring av stagnating with the exact same 8 creatures over and over.

One of the arguments to the cloak-nerf was actually that it was made made many cloak-countering creatures, but few ever used them. The reason is that it takes ages to get them fit for a place in your team, much more than the time you (Ludia) gave them. If you come up with new creatures to address something, expect it to take 6 months or more to have any effect at all on the higher arenas. Maybe more now with the boosts. A good example of this is the proceratomimus, which now is seen alot more now than before, because people now have had the time to develop them.

Another point is that Ludia from the start proposed to distribute the boosts and leveling evenly, which didn’t seem very effective against mega-boosted thors and dracos. So if you went with Ludias proposal, you probably were cursing the megaboosters quite a while.

And if you used boosts on the lower level tiers, then you’re screwed my friend, because you’ll really need thos spent boosts when you get to the higher arenas, and your unlocked, unboosted uniques wont stand a chance.

3. Exausting fusing.

It’s high time it’s implemented a way to fuse more DNA in one go. To sit and fuse thoursands or tens of thousands of DNA only using 50 in one go is so time consuming and irritating that it’s a huge fun-killing issue.

4. Cloak-nerf and anti-defense moves.

Cloak/evades have been nerfed too hard, and it’s way too much anti-defense moves going around. It will keep getting worse as people get time to develop the creatures you originally intended as counters and address RNG.
Swap-in-evade was a 100% chance to evade 100% dmg unless removed and had no RNG to it whatsoever, it did not need to be nerfed in an anti-RNG patch. That swap in move made the types of monomimus slightly useful again, if you swapped in on the opponents most powerful strike (And you were faster than opponent on the following turn). I don’t think you need much to make it balanced, perhaps something like if you make a successful evade you get hit for 33% of the damage, or no higher than 40% of total evading creatures HP. Swap in evade should be 100%, as it was. Maybe remove some of the HP on those with 100% swap-in, but not as much as was given last version.

5. Sanctuaries.

These can’t be so complicated that they just disappear from the alliance seemingly at random, one timer is enough. If a Sancutary is activated, it should be available to the alliance the entire duration (Even when it’s completely empty). It’s even possible that you lose access to YOUR OWN DINOS this way. It should only disappear when the Sanctuary itself is reset. Too complex Sanctuaries can even stop a new alliance from forming as people will simply just quit to join a bigger one.

6. Alliance Chat

It is terrible. Wont even work if you are battling and it’s completely flooded by DNA requests. Fix the chat to be working 100%, and separate the DNA requests. With the complexity of Sanctuaries, you need a good communication channel, and the current ingame chat is way off being good enough. 3rd party comminication is a must.

7. Swap-in abilities.

The swap-in damage abilities should not go over impact, or happen after priority moves. Rampage is just too powerful. Furthermore some other swap in abilities needs a buff.

The worst of them is:

  • Swap-in nullification (If they already have cloak/shield/ferociousness etc up, the next logical move will be a big attack, when you swap in, you may remove effect, but you’re still as good as dead).
  • Swap in ferocity: The creatures having it wont survive long enough to use it.
  • Swap in slow: usually on creatures who doesn’t pack a punch to finish the job.
    Perhaps these would be more viable as swap-in versions of nullification strike, ferocious strike, or decelerating strike, or combined with something else that makes them viable.

Addressing the top 2 points here would be a huge improvement to start with.


One of the more logical threads. I can definitely agree to this. Matchmaking is garbage, fusing does get exhausting if you save to do a huge amount of fuses. No dino should be able to swap in and do as much or more damage than a dino already in play doing a power attack while also having priority to completely negate any action the other person could take. Sanctuaries are so aggravating i dont even bother with them. Alliances have had nothing done to them since their release. It is impossible to properly manage an alliance with 0 tools (especially since trophy counts just sit at highest earned now, thanks.) As an alliance leader i should be able to see who is doing what and how often, who is active, and who is trying to catch a free ride. I shouldnt have to make 50 people manage themselves or take screenshots everytime the request something just so i can try to figure out who needs to be removed.

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The problem with alliance is the missions are insane. Exploration is fine. Look at how many 5/3 and 5/4 alliances are there. Many are social player alliances. The core of this game is exploration not battling.

I just took over my alliance, needless to say the tools we have as leaders is minimal. I wanna know who deserves to be kicked and who should be given the week off to sort their real world issues.

I hate that I have to being Big Brother and record every player or ask players to give me info.


Boost resets will not and should not happen. Boosts are no different than coins and DNA. You can’t rollback levelups and you shouldn’t be able to rollback boosts either.


I was pondering last night when I first read your list whether or not recent win/loss ratio should also be considered. That way if you are losing matches consistently, you aren’t paired with the players winning with OP boosted hybrids as frequently.

Boosts are here to stay more is the pity and I can’t see this happening but being able to buy resets would make sense for the player base. Resets would only work for Ludia if they had a huge HC cost in order to do.

A better option, arguably, would be to allow players to be boosted or not boosted in the options, and only play against like-chosen opponents. But considering how universally opposed the player base is to boosts, again, is it viable for Ludia to do it?

Dodge needs to go back to how it originally was. Desperately. Players need to realise that a 50% dodge chance is not works one round and not the next, but is a 50% flip of the coin each time the dinosaur is attacked. It was fine. Plus, there was no need to nerf as Dodge already had counters in nullification and precise attacks. The argument that people were not playing the new evasive attack animals comes down to the amount of time and resources it takes to level a new animal up to current team strength.

I have noticed very recently our chat has worked after battles now. I don’t know if a fix has been started but if works. I agree that chat and DNA requests need to be separate tabs in the Alliance page.

Maybe I’m reading this wrong but I think priority moves should trigger before swap-in attacks happen. That would help balance out a little better than swap-in having super priority.

I have a level 20 Toujiangosaurus on my team just for swap-in slow. She’s a speed bump and that is all but she does me well in that regard.

All in all some nice suggestions. :+1:


Well, i disagree, but i’m open to other suggestions as status quo on this matter still leads to teams being locked to the same old creatures.

  • Huge massive nerfs to the most current boosted creatures so a new creature is viable against them earlier? Or make the new creatures so powerful they can compete with the already boosted dinos?

  • Colin_Goodmans proposal in this thread, with option to play boosted or unboosted at will? This might make matchmaking harder by effectively splitting up the player pool in two.

  • Keep status quo, and accept that you will see minimal diversity in teams with scores over 5000?

It is also a very astute statement, akin to “I will not have it, end of discussion.”

Must disagree on this. This is exactly what the score-only matchmaking will do. If you lose consistently, your score drops, and you will start to play against players @ your own level.
If you win/lose consistently it would mean that your score was artificially low/high to begin with from the current matchmaking system or being affected by a good/bad RNG streak.

This could also work, as long as the player base is big enough to support 2 different player pools.
But it could be the end of boosts completely, which i doubt Ludia will do.
My thought was that Ludia could be more interested in selling a bit less boosts, but quite a few resets instead. As you (and Ludia) say, boosts are here to stay. And then you need other ways of keeping diversity in teams, and matches more interesting.

Yup, we agree on this one, priority moves before swap in (atleast before the big direct damage ones).
Or swap in rampage (2x dmg) is set down to impact (1.5x dmg) if they keep status quo on the order of priority. The biggest issue is the high damage swap-ins

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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I’d say a boost reset, good for one dino, comes from a Stike event once per week. You can have max 4 in your inventory. It will pull back all boosts applied to a single dino. 1 to 1 pull back rate.

For swap in abilities, they should all do strike level damage and count as a move, so moves with a delay of 1 are available after swapping in. You’re still bound for the next two turns though. It may require changes to moves otherwise it may create some op-ness. For just pure damage with no status changes, impact level damage.

I’ve also always thought health of all Dino’s should be raised so that battles take 3-4 attacks per dino to beat one vs the current 2-3. This may make battles take too long though and affect arena participation.

That’s all I’ve got…


If they were to keep the only dodge 66% of damage mechanic then i believe you should have a 66% chance to dodge. I dont even need a nullifier now, anytime i see an indo or erlidom I’ll just do an attack, i usually get more hits than misses and even if i do get a miss i can still do enough to have an easy set up.


1 free reset for 1 stat per week. You can buy 3 more twice a week. They cost 100 HC and retrieve 80% of the boost points. Introduce a scarring mechanic which if a dino is reset and boosted and then reset again, the reset retrieves less boost points and the boost needs more boost points.