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Issues VS Gallimimus


Just had a lvl 1 Gally (bot) dodge me 5 times in a row… Anyone else have the same experience with evasive strike? (I think that’s what it was called)


Evasive Stance is supposed to last 3 turns. Makes even indoraptor more OP lol


except it loses its 2x dmg bonus for 1 turn of dodge


You know, ok, completely off topic but Chicken is Gallina in Spanish. And I know that’s the whole point of this dinosaur’s name, but it still sounds ridiculously, hilariously weird in Spanish. It’s like it was called Chickenmimus in English. I just can’t take it seriously.


Not talkin’ Evasive Stance in this case; I mean Evasive Strike:

50% chance to dodge per turn, dodged me 5 times in a row = 3.125% chance of happening. Not saying it can’t happen, just wanted to see if other people ran into this to try and determine if it’s a bug.


Yeah man… I jus had the same experience back to back, in the second battle the gallimuomas was the last dyno and the critter executed my entire squad one after another. I guess I should look at the bright side I got a new phone out of the deal.


Thats because it literally translates as chicken mimic in english😅


You need nullifying dinos :woman_shrugging:t2:


You are lucky it was just a harmless gali. Prepare yourself for meeting an indorapter dodging you 5 times.