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Issues with determining creature speed

Since last update i can see a problem with determining which creature acts first. For example today: My creature including speedups and “increase speed” had 158 while oponent 154, both indoraptors gen2 and yet oponent was able to acts first. Is there anyone who had the same issue? It is a bit frustrating and causes matches to be lost without any reason…
Screenshot_20210526-085828_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210526-085824_JW Alive

It is more than likely a visual issue where the stats once boosted or decreased, either green or red on the screen do not update when they should.

So sometimes you will look faster or slower than you actually are, the same goes for the attack stat.

It’s a visual issue that Ludia have been too lazy to fix for months.

Not in this case. I had 158 (twice boosted with cautious strike), oponnent 154 as you can see, the mark was on his side and he acts first. It does not look for visual issue for me.

It doesn’t help that if your creature is slowed and you swap out then bring it back or your opponent as well, that it still shows the reduced speed and damage although it is not accurate.

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it is visual since it said you were faster after tapping your creature but the icon was on his/her side