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Issues with Friendlies

It has become apparent that the friendly battle option is not working properly. Whether it is not showing that someone is online or it just does not work at all. It seems like an ongoing issue that needs to be fixed with other insurmountable bugs that beplague this game. Ludia please fix this issue so that alliances members can have the ability to battle each other.

It’s been like this for too long. At least theres a temporary fix for this in alliance mission. Friendly battles are no longer required to complete alliance mission ranks. It was replaced with interacts in the sanctuaries.

True but they do help with the 12 battle quota for the daily missions. Helps with avoiding the arena altogether. Also helps with alliance missions where battles are imperative

Hey SicilianBeast, please rest assured that our team is still looking into this.

Thanks @Ned for getting back to me