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Issues with pictures?

Noticing that sometimes the pictures aren’t matching the context of the story? They also are sometimes repeats of previous ones

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Can you give an example of when this happened and with whom? I haven’t seen any photos yet that don’t match with the story or that can’t be explained by the character as to why it doesn’t fit with what they’re currently doing.

i.e. Ryan takes photos in advance and saves them to send to you later in the day occasionally so they won’t necessarily be of him in his lab. Other characters may do the same without mentioning it, but that’s merely a guess.

I haven’t yet seen any repeats within the same character’s story though, but characters who are counterparts (that is, they share the same storyline and therefore can’t be matched with at the same time) will both have the same photos to send to you with the only difference being the character being featured in them.

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Here is an example. The picture marco sent is from a previous chat. But from the messages I assumed he was supposed to send a picture of him and Sally at Prom? Not him shirtless. It doesn’t match the storyline at all.

This isn’t the only time it’s happened. But the is the most recent.

Since I don’t know the full conversation it doesn’t seem too unusual to me? In other words I only see two separate conversations rather than how he got from talking about Sally to the nerdiness to back to talking about Sally, so I don’t quite have the same reaction of confusion.

Sometimes they’ll talk about something then take an abrupt tangent to talk about something in their past and show you a photo from that time (such as if they get distracted by your response asking for more details or commenting on that past event) then jump back to what they were talking about previously before getting sidetracked.

I didn’t show the whole conversation as it’s hard to take screenshots and it’s a long convo but that’s the only time in the conversation mentions anything about prom impling the photo should be of Sally and Marco at Prom. It also doesn’t explain why I have seen the pic before in a previous conversation with Marco.

Hopefully that shows it better. You should be able to see the same pic in two different conversations

It seems like he showed the photo in the middle of the conversation because MC asked him when was the last time he felt butterflies and he was showing that photo (because I guess making pottery is what really gets him excited…?) to say that was the last time he felt them aside from whenever he (first?) felt them while being with Sally, so it still fit within the context of the conversation that simply led to a brief tangent with MC being distracted by the way he looks before they get back to the main point.

That’s more of a stretch explanation though because beyond that, it would’ve likely made more sense for him to send a photo of him with Sally as you said. The photos of the characters don’t typically show another character though so that may be why the dev team went with that?

Not sure why he showed the same photo twice though. Maybe that was an oversight of the dev team.

Marco’s story revolves around two other characters and he does show their pictures albeit they are in the background of his so that’s why I assumed Sally would be in the picture.

This is also not the only time a character has shown a picture that was out of place. Marco is just the easiest one I can find.

It’s kinda aggravating bcs I’m paying for the same picture twice tho

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Yeah, I know sometimes they may show another character, so that is weird that he wouldn’t pick one featuring Sally even if only in the background. It may have been an error on the dev team’s side. I definitely understand the frustration of having to pay twice for the same photo though. Sorry that happened to you! You could always try reaching out to support? There’s a thread titled something like “Bug in Hugo’s route” that addresses these exact same issues, so maybe support will see it and have an answer if not see this thread and reply here.

Hi there, @Nina_R, I’m sorry to hear that this happened in your game! Our support team would be glad to investigate this more closely in order to prevent this from re-occurring in the future, so please send them an e-mail at, including your support key and any relevant screenshots such as the ones you left here. We’d really appreciate it! :relaxed:

I’ve got the exact same problem with Hugo (who is the counterpart to your match). I have written to the staff in the app, but they haven’t answered yet.

Yep I have Hugo and the butterflies conversation should have a prom photo accompanying it.

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That doesn’t make sence what you said about Marco!!? Sending tht pic with his shirt off the only time he had butterflies!?? So basically your saying the only times he does pottery he gets butterflies!!? Have you read the full storyline? I’ve had exactly the same and now you blame the developing team for reapeatment of wrong pictures in the wrong storyline…

No, I was saying that as a stretch explanation for it in that you could go with that reasoning to try and force its relevance, not that it was actually what was likely intended which it probably wasn’t.

I have read it and I know it doesn’t fit. I’m saying it was likely an oversight of the dev team for using it twice and that perhaps it wasn’t intentional to use when talking about the last time he had butterflies.

I’m reading Hugo’s version of the story and for the conversation where others got the same photo of Marco doing pottery, Hugo has a photo of him with Sally, so it had to have been a mistake.

Has anyone else had this issue of paying for a photo and getting a repeat photo?

That seems to be an issue with both Marco’s and Hugo’s storylines. I’m guessing it’s a bug because when they talk about Hugo having butterflies I got a photo of him with Sally.

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