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Issues with priority


Basically I was going a match like normal and I came across a guy with a raptor no big deal killed one of my dinos I sent out blue which indicated I had a higher speed, still let him go first, had happen a few times. Usually only with the Raptors


Which raptor were you facing? Velo is faster than blue.


Which raptor did they have? If it was also Blue or one with the same speed, was theirs a higher level than yours? This bug is a known issue.


Theirs was just a base raptor.


Well, if it was a regular Velociraptor, it was just a visual glitch, and it’s a well known issue. You didn’t actually have the speed advantage. Velociraptor has higher speed than Blue. You can’t always go off the priority icon, unfortunately. Which sucks, because that’s literally what it’s there for.