Issues with targeting

When I do the challenges, a lot of the time if melee comes to my heroes on the first level (I let ranged take care of the first 3 to 5 levels if I can) I cannot target the creature whatsoever, unless I have my wizard equipped with the dagger that hits a line, I had to quit the last one because I simply couldn’t attack the level 1 pushover regardless of where I was tapping my screen

Hey there, @Jessie_Long, I’m not sure what might be causing this but our team would be happy to investigate this in order to prevent it from reoccurring in the future! Reach out to them at, and if you can include your support key as well as any relevant screenshots we would really appreciate it. Thanks!

I don’t know how a screen shot would help, youd need a video of me frantically tapping the screen

It would be helpful to know if you are getting “Invalid Target” messages when tapping on certain parts of the screen, for example. We do not recommend that you send us videos, but you can certainly send us a link to one!

I have the same issue. There’s no message to indicate it’s not a valid target. I know it definitely is a valid target. If I repeatedly press the target in slightly different areas, eventually it works and I can target again. This happens rarely maybe every 10 games.

Same here but its random for me at times, can be melee or ranged I tap several times around the enemy and sometimes it fixes but others I have to skip their turn. ( that fixes it usually )

No I do not get any invalid target notifications I just sometimes cannot attack the enemy that moves up to my line on the first level of challenges unless I have the wizard equipped with the dagger that hits the entire lane, since the first 3 to 5 levels I generally wipe with ranged, I let them come to me and when I am in the starting lineup and the enemy moves to the lane in front of me, I cannot tap them to attack, it’s there, got the lovely arrow that says I can nail it, it just won’t register

The next time my challenge comes around, I will send a shot of what I mean

This is generally where I cannot hit the enemy in front of me when I have the issue unless I have the dagger for the wizard equipped or I have an attack that perks and hits multiple targets

I had this issue today for the first time none of my heroes could target the last remaining very low level enemy right in front of them. After skipping a few turns and cursing about losing my free challenge attempt in the first room I forced close and when I got back in continued just fine. It happened again later and force close worked again, this would be terrible in battle mode!

I have had the same issue. I sent screen shots because they said there might be buffs or debuffs active. Not the case. I got a “we will look into it,” and haven’t heard from them since. That was a week ago.

I haven’t had the issue for a while in sharpstone as everything gets 1 shoted till the last boss

Same issue occurs randomly on my account since the update that implemented the abhorred roster system.

This happens to me sometimes as well. However, if I skip turns until the monster moves, that fixes it for me, and I can attack as normal again. Or I use zone attacks, since they still work.

Not ideal solution, but might help and certainly faster than closing and relaunching the app.

This bug has been present for at least a month now. When i first started this game a month ago, the first time I got this error was in PVP and as you know 1 single denial of attack can make the difference between winning and losing in pvp.

Sadly the longer I play the more likely I come across this bug in challenges. It starts to happen every 1 to 2 games and it’s extremely annoying.

I don’t know about you but when a bug that occurs in the CORE gameplay and isn’t fixed soon, your game is probably doomed to fail. I hope the devs are watching AND listening to this. You’re only digging a grave for your game by ignoring this.