Issues with today's special event


I haven’t unlocked this yet and this morning I had this show up when I attempted to launch and collect DNA. It was a little frustrating that it kept telling me that I had reached 6 of 6 attempts. My husband also pulled his up this morning but it showed him he had 3 of 6 attempts left and he has not even tried to launch on this special event today. I would hate to miss this opportunity. I even closed out and restarted the app. I have an Android system, Samsung Galaxy S8


It was a 2 day event starting on July 4, so you only get 6 attempts total -

I presume that you used all 6 yesterday


I haven’t unlock it yet too, realy I unlock 2 of 6 attempts, but I unlock all trex attempts, and when I do that, the other has been loked. In fact, when I unlock 2 pyroraptor attempts, trex change from 0 to 2 attempts unlock, and only I can try to capture for 4 times more. IS THIS NORMAL?


This one’s really confusing.


You have 6 attempts total between t.rex and Pyroraptor if you used 6 attempts on a t.rex yesterday you have none left for today.


It was visible that it’s 48 hours long ingame. So you could imagine that you would get no new tries before Cooldown runs out.


Ludia really needed to issue an in game mail message about the event format change.

It’s caught a lot of players out and increased resentment.


Yes i got caught off guard too. So nice of them to change the format of their events just to trick us.


Well, actually the Event improved.

Just the way they communicated it was probably a bit unfortunate.


A bit unfortunate? It was not cool at all. Had I known I would not have dna’d the last pyro and gotten the T-Rex! I am so very annoyed. My money stays in my pocket for now, spent too much to get this type of treatment! Same for my guy, he is annoyed as well. :roll_eyes::money_mouth_face::confounded:


It’s been like this for 4 days now. Your own fault for not paying attention. Shares 2 dinos over 2 days so you can choose what to catch instead of being forced to get a specific one. It’s much better than before. You had 2 days of commons to get familiar with plus a lot of forum posts about it


I only used 4 of my attempts and this morning I was going to use my last 2 tries but the counter showed 6 used so missed out on my pyro.


“this is for not paying attention”??? where it says that the two dinos go together? Choose the dino isn’t much better than before, is MUCH WORSE, and the aplication says nothing inside. If “I choose” trex is because when I play, only apears trex by my side, not pyro… I don’t choose it. It’s not necessary that the event lasts 2 days more, there aren’t more oportunities, and people are already annoying. Maybe I don’t want be vip anymore.


Well, Ludia has proved that they are the best in disappointing players.
However, there was an official topic at the forum last week, many topics when players noticed 24 attempts, so you could notice that something changed with the events.