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Issues with WiFi connectivity - not just me

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone else suddenly had issues running the game via WiFi? We have new WiFi here - pretty fast - and I never had issues running the game before, but now it’s awful, not just at home with the newer WiFi, but at another place I’ve never had problems with before.

I was wondering if it might be my phone, but someone else just told me they are experiencing the exact same issue elsewhere.

I noticed this connectivity issue about a week or two before the update. Since the update, it’s just as bad if not worse. Idk if this is a coding glitch or what, but the only way I can run JWA smoothly is through data, which is unfortunate Bc it uses a lot!

Anyways, if others are experiencing this issue it would be good to know, and hopefully something can be done about it.

Thanks so much!

Sorry for the trouble, CJ_Anderson. Would you mind reaching out to our support team at They’ll be more than happy to investigate. Thanks!

I’m having the same issue and I thought it was my data not working but it works on everything else so I guess there’s a new bug or something