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It begins


Who are you all boosting first? :smiley:


Nice spd boost! juz wonder how effective the spd is gonna be for this dino in arena. My Anky is lvl26, has enuff dna to bum up to 27.

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It just outsped a Thor and Meg. Was great! I don’t have to start with Slow impact now if its faster.


Gotta chk the 1.7 release notes to see how it works, not that great if it’s only 1 time use, considering it’s 500 game cash a pop.


Well, now that you mention it… I DO miss my beloved little murder armadillo. Maybe it’s time to dust 'em off and boost.


Its not for only one battle. It stays. :slight_smile:


Alita already has the lvl 1 and 2 attack and health boost, speed is still on 2






Was hoping you would post. :smiley: I wanted to see your meg<3

I’m heavily considering leveling mine up since my Kapro DNA will no longer be going to Spinota. I’m replacing it with Spinoyx once its up to level.

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Those are where the bulk of my boosts have gone… then i use the odd amounts on other dinos in a smaller amount ie. Health on procera… damage on rinex

Some like spinotah ill be replacing at some point so no boosts for it.

Tryo is one i will continue to boosts as Ive been impressed with the results so far.

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I feel like a trainer now. Like it’s my squad now. Love this new system. First 3 boosted.


That Draco is a little disgusting and sad. Not gonna lie.

I would love to see half the people I battle win without their Draco. Lol

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Not gonna lie DC is priority. If health or attack can get promoted I’ll do it. I don’t care about its speed other things need that.


Utahsino all day.


Eh, I dont agree you should do that. You do you though. LOL
I’ve permanently taken mine off my team at lvl 23. I dont want to have to rely on it like so many other people do.


I was tempted to just dump everything into her… I came to my senses though lol.

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I had to stop myself from doing that to Anky. Lol

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