It Came from the Forbidden Forest. [Story] #3

Historical Forest | 00:09 at night | Oct. 29, 2017

“Cautiously, Adam opened the door.”

(Adam): I don’t see anyone …

(Faith): Are you sure? We heard something!

(Eduard): It was probably the wind.

“A very loud noise is heard in the trapdoor.”

(Helen): Guys?? There is something there!!!

(Eduard): We have to go, right now !!!

“Everyone starts to leave the house and runs in a straight line for long seconds.”

(Adam): Keep running! Don’t look back!

(Helen): Calm down, wait!

(Eduard): What’s it? Are you alright?

(Helen): There’s nothing behind us, why are we still running?

(Joseph): She is right, there is no one. And even if someone was following, I would love for him to catch her so we can get away.

(Helen): If that happens and I escape, I’ll make sure to join him to eliminate you!

(Faith): Funny how you can play while we are followed!

(Helen): Who said I was kidding? I’m serious!

(Joseph): Wait, what? I do not believe! I lost my phone …

(Helen): I know exactly the name of this: Karma.

(Eduard): Now is not the time for jokes.

(Adam): He’s completely correct. Do you remember the last place you saw your cell phone?

(Joseph): Last place? At home…

(Helen): That hole? We won’t be going back!

(Joseph): Thank you for your support, I feel so much better now!

(Faith): Maybe he fell down while we ran.

(Eduard): I believe that this is the most accepted theory at the moment.

(Adam): Don’t worry, we’ll find your cell phone.

(Joseph): Thanks, I needed support after this whole situation.

“Gradually, Adam and Joseph begin to fall behind.”

(Adam): What do you think happened back there?

(Joseph): The dragon accusing me? It’s just Helen being herself.

(Adam): Haha, but I’m referring to the creatures we saw.

(Joseph): Giraffe don’t know what? Ah yes. Strange … They weren’t supposed to be on the continent.

(Adam): As far as I knew, they only had these creatures on the islands of the five deaths … now you know what’s weird? A Giraffatitan clone. It wasn’t at -

(Faith): I knew you were slow but not so much!!!

(Joseph): We can’t even talk anymore!

(Faith): I almost forgot, Helen would like to personally apologize to you.

(Joseph): Did lightning strike her head and nobody told me? I need to see this!

“The group is divided into two: Eduard, Helen with Joseph and Adam with Faith. Choose which group you would like to watch more!”

Eduard, Helen and Joseph

(Joseph): So … do you have anything to say to me Helen?

(Helen): No, why?

(Joseph): Strange, Faith had said that you would like to apologize.

(Eduard): First lies and then fights …

(Helen): On second thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

(Eduard): This one I want to see!

(Helen): Look, I know what I did back there was completely wrong and I will try not to repeat the same mistake. Nobody remembered anything, everything was very confusing and the only thing I remembered I hurled at you … sorry.

(Joseph): It’s all right. I was not the best person in that group and I cannot judge you. Accepted apologies.

(Helen): Thanks.

(Eduard): Is the dramatic speech over yet? Can I cry?

(Helen): Only after I kick you.

(Eduard): No No No, Thanks!

(Joseph): There is a question I would like to ask some time ago …

(Eduard): About what?

(Joseph): How long have you been friends with Adam? Are you his best friends?

(Eduard): I have known him for about five years and Helen for less time, but not much.

(Helen): At least three years. We always make fun of each other, it’s cool. Without a doubt my brother and Faith are his best friends.

(Joseph): Cool, very cool.

(Eduard): Why the question?

(Joseph): I’ve known him for a few years but I feel like I didn’t know him enough.

(Helen): Do you talk to him daily and feel like you don’t know him enough? Do you even know his favorite color?

(Joseph): …Blue?..

(Eduard): If you said another color, I would have a laugh.

(Helen): Me too.

(Joseph): I would laugh together. But I feel awkward around him. It’s like I’m talking to a stranger … is there a secret about him that I don’t know?

(Eduard): I remember some of his secrets that he kept for years and I was the only one who knew … but currently I don’t know anything.

(Helen): I knew it and so did Faith!

(Eduard): But I was always the first to know. You are gossip and that’s why you discovered everything. Faith knew everything because he always tells her everything, everything!

(Helen): Hey!

(Joseph): I’ll try to talk to him when I have a better chance.

(Helen): We hardly know you, come on! Open your black hole!

(Joseph): … I … Um … What exactly?

(Eduard): I think I know what you were saying about feeling weird, I feel the same around Faith.

(Helen): Joseph feels strange because he doesn’t know Adam very well, but in your case I believe it is … love!

(Joseph): Do you like her?

(Eduard): I do not!

(Joseph): You definitely like her …

(Eduard): I do not! I will hurt you both with this branch.

(Helen): He acts angry because we know the truth!

(Eduard): I will not waste my time on this. FAITH, ADAM! Could you two be so kind as to come here!

(Helen): It is very slutty to mock my brother with unrequited love … And you, Joseph? Like someone?

(Eduard): We have more important matters to deal with!!

(Joseph): He’s right, I’ll tell you my personal life later.

(Helen): Okay…

(Eduard): Hey! Look this!

Adam and Faith

(Faith): What did you two talk about?

(Adam): About the creatures we saw earlier …

(Faith): Ah, about that? I thought it was about something more important.

(Adam): And the creatures we saw are nothing? Seriously?

(Faith): They are, but … just forget it. How did you manage to recognize that creature?

(Adam): Simple: I’ve been a fan of prehistoric creatures since I was a child.

(Faith): I don’t doubt it, but it is impossible to recognize a creature never seen through your eyes before, is it?

(Adam): Yes, but it was certainly not a brachiosaurus. Brachi had a longer, deeper trunk and probably a longer, taller tail, carried a larger proportion of its mass in the forelegs, and may have had slightly spread out forelegs.

(Faith): And how do you know all this?

(Adam): Have I ever talked about being a fan of prehistoric creatures? I spent more time studying them than mathematics …

(Faith): For you it must be a dream come true.

(Adam): Except for the part where we were kidnapped … yes, it looks like a dream. And if it really is, please don’t wake me up.

(Faith): If it was a dream and you were asleep, I would make a point of throwing a bucket of cold water at you.

(Adam): Don’t even say it, I hate feeling wet.

(Faith): I’ll make sure to remember that.

(Adam): And I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that!

(Faith): Hahaha.

(Adam): Hahaha.

(Faith): And how is the change going? It’s bad live in Joseph house?

(Adam): We are not living together, I have been at his house for only two weeks and answering your question everything is going well, except for the fact that he is lazier than me … I didn’t think there was anyone more slow.

(Faith): You are more sluggish for realizing this now. And if you could live with someone here, who would it be?

(Adam): You maybe? It’s my best friend.

(Faith): Thanks for being honest about me being your best friend, but lying about wanting to live with me? Not necessary.

(Adam):… It’s true!

(Faith): Come on Adam, you suck at lying.

(Adam): I’m not!

(Faith): Okay Okay.

(Adam): Hey, wait a second. There’s a sign on that tree!

(Faith): What is written on it?

“Keep your distance. This area is not allowed for people without permission.”

(Adam): I have a bad feeling…

(Faith): Relax, let’s go out before anyone even notices us.

(Adam): I hope so!

(Eduard): FAITH, ADAM! Could you two be so kind as to come here?

(Faith): Come on.

(Faith): What happened?

(Joseph): We found a footprint …

(Helen): Can you recognize?

(Adam): It appears to be a dinosaur, especially a carnivore.

(Eduard): Any chance of being a T-rex?

(Adam): Why is the first dinosaur that comes to people’s minds is always a T-Rex? Anyway, it seems to be big but not much.

(Faith): Do you know the size?

(Adam): Difficult to say, but it doesn’t go beyond -

(Helen): He’s after us!

(Adam): It is probably a female because the clones -

(Helen): It doesn’t matter, what matters is that she is after us! Look over there!

(Eduard): It’s in the bushes, run!

You are controlling: Faith | Historical Forest | 00:17 pm

“Everyone starts running except Adam, who was immobilized.”

(Faith): Adam? W … what are you doing?

(Adam): It’s so big!

(Faith): It’s really incredible, but now is not the time.

(Adam): Wait … it’s not a carnivore, it’s a … Einiosaurus?

(Faith): Great, the others ran for nothing!

(Adam): Where are they anyway?

(Faith): They ran without looking back.

(Adam): We should go too, the real danger must be around.

“Some minutes later.”

(Adam): We finally found them!


(Adam): …Wait a second!

(Faith): What happened?

“Something big moves through the trees.”

(Adam): The owner of those footprints is here!

(Faith): Our friends are coming right in that direction!

(Adam): The creature cannot see them, what will we do?

(Faith): Calm down … let’s think about something!

“Well, well, well … It seems that the first dangers among many are beginning to arise!”

“Helen does not miss an opportunity to provoke Joseph, although he is always prepared to fight back.”

“Adam revealed a little more about his past, but not much. It is notable that the bond of friendship between him and Faith is strong.”

“Joseph always tries not to be the target of personal questions, I even understand … depending on the subject I also avoid as much as I can.”

“Adam seems fascinated with the creatures of the forest because they don’t exist in the Nublar Island theme park. As long as the reason is not revealed, a real danger appears in the darkness. What would it be? Would shouting and warning colleagues be a good idea? Hide and hope your friends do the same? Another decision on the way! Again: Take care of the main decisions as they dramatically change the story’s narrative and the fate of each character.”

Hide or Warn
  • Scream and warn about danger
  • Hide and hope your friends do the same

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