It Came from the Forbidden Forest. [Story] #4

Historical Forest | 00:23 | October 29, 2017.

(Faith): Hide, quick! - “with a low tone”

(Adam): Let’s hope they do the same. - “with a low tone”

“The second group perceives the strange movement of others and do the same”

(Faith): They went into the woods.

“A huge creature comes out of the trees and stands motionless in the middle of the dirt road.”

(Faith): Is she responsible for the footprint we saw?

(Adam): …

(Faith): What happened? Does it look like some prehistoric creature?

(Adam): I may be completely wrong, but it seems to be a carnivore from the Jurassic period. Ceratosaurus.

(Faith): Can you tell if it is dangerous?

(Adam): Any carnivorous animal in this forest can be dangerous.

“The creature starts sniffing the ground and looks at them slowly.”

(Adam): Oh my Lord Lythronax… We need to run! NOW!

“Without thinking twice, they start running into the forest and the creature starts chasing them”

“Both run without looking back, dodging countless branches and without worrying about what might come up or happen”

(Adam): She’s after us! I AM HEARING HER!

“Adam quickens his pace and overtakes Faith, but hits his head on a strong branch and slows down.”

(Faith): Keep running!

(Adam): I’m bleeding!

(Faith): Are you alright?

(Adam): Don’t worry about me, keep running. I’ll only be fine when that thing stops following us!

“A few seconds later, Adam slowly slows down.”

(Adam): Calm down, I’m out of breath!

(Faith): Let’s stop a little …

“Adam breathes heavily, filling his lungs with all his strength.”

(Faith): That thing disappeared …

(Adam): You don’t seem certain of that.

(Faith): Not really, we need to continue. Do you think you can do it?

(Adam): Did you forget that I am sedentary? Sometimes I go hiking on a lake on weekends.

(Faith): Okay, let’s take it easy.

“Both begin to walk slowly until a huge noise is heard.”


(Faith): Can you stay calm? It may be nothing big! May be -

(Adam): This way! Come on!

(Faith): Wait!

“Both pass over a fallen tree, walk for a few more seconds until they reach an open field.”

(Adam): Finally! I was tired of those trees!

(Faith): Seriously ? Did you know that they saved us?

(Adam): Look! It’s another Einiosaurus!

(Faith): I look forward to seeing why these creatures are here!

(Adam): And I’m looking forward to how we’re going to get out of here.

“A huge carnivore comes out of the trees and walks towards the herbivore”

(Faith): Great news, Cerat is back!

(Adam): I’ll call it Ceratty.

(Faith): Did you name it? Why not name our dear herbivore?

(Adam): I’m sorry but I have to call the creature most likely to win, even though I would like Einio to win.

(Faith): Alright …

“Both creatures begin to provoke each other.”

(Faith): Let’s enjoy that Ceratty is distracted and let’s get away!

(Adam): No way, I need to see this!

(Faith): If you want to be alone, fine!

(Adam): Where did you say you were going? Need company?

(Faith): I knew you’d change your mind, come on.

“Both come back into the bush. The creatures begin to fight fiercely and the second group appears on the other side of the field.”

Helen | Open Field | 00:31

(Eduard): Any sign of them?

(Helen): Nothing for now…

(Joseph): Stay tuned, they may be around!

(Helen): I just see these two monsters fighting.

(Eduard): If the creature that chased them is here, it means that -

(Joseph): ADAM! FAITH!

(Helen): Careful, did you forget that these creatures can hear us?

(Joseph): I know, but I’m worried.

(Eduard): We are all concerned.

(Helen): Are we going to stand around talking or what? We have to go!

(Joseph): I would like to see this fight, but we don’t have time … right?

“Ceratty throws his opponent to the ground and bites her ferociously”

(Eduard): Well … it didn’t have a very long fight at least, can we go now?

(Joseph): Fine, but -

“Movements in the bushes around the field begin to be noticed. Noises and roars start to echo.”

(Helen): What is it?

(Eduard): I have a bad feeling!

(Joseph): We can go? Please?

(Helen): Now you want to go, right?

“Ceratty hears the noises around and walks away from the carcass, startled.”

(Joseph): She is leaving and we should definitely do the same!

(Helen): How is this huge thing frightened by something?

(Joseph): I don’t want to stay here to find out, come on!

(Eduard): Look, there’s a sign on the floor saying “huts”. There must be buildings nearby!

(Joseph): There seems to be a dirt road, come on!

“They all run to the road and not long after they arrive at a camp.”

(Adam): Eduard? Is that you?

(Eduard): We found you!

“The group gathers and walks towards the campfire”

(Faith): It’s good that everyone is safe!

“The whole group sits on a few benches around the fire”

(Joseph): That thing was huge, it managed to drop a herbivore easily.

(Adam): I knew Ceratty was going to win, although that is bad.

(Helen): Really? Did you name it? How amazing, they are best friends now!

(Joseph): She has a more beautiful name than yours … by the way, are you jealous?

(Helen): I’m not 7 years old to be jealous of bizarre creatures.

(Faith): Wait … the fire is burning! There must be someone around!

(Eduard): I hope these people can help!

(Adam): I doubt it. Why would “good” people be camping in this forest full of creatures that shouldn’t be here?

(Helen): As if dinosaurs weren’t enough of a problem!

(Joseph): We need to be aware!

(Eduard): Let’s go through these huts, there might be something useful.

(Adam): Right. I saw a tree full of apples nearby with Faith.

(Helen): I’m going with Adam, I’m really hungry.

(Joseph): It looks like a plan!

(Eduard): Take good care of my sister … I know she is difficult.

(Helen): I heard that!

(Eduard): I know!

“The group spreads out looking for resources.”

Searching in huts with Eduard

(Eduard): I’m going to go into that cabin. Joseph keeps an eye on the surroundings. Can Faith climb that observation tower?

(Faith): Sure!

(Joseph): Let’s go!

“Eduard slowly opens the door to the hut.”

(Eduard): Luckily for us it is empty … or is it bad? I can’t say.

“Eduard finds a photo on a corner table and picks it up.”

(Eduard): Three men in this photo. One of them looks familiar for some reason.

“He drops the photo and looks at the bed.”

(Eduard): Will we be able to sleep? There are many monsters around … it would be difficult.

“He looks at the window and sees that it is broken with gunshot marks.”

(Eduard): To be honest I didn’t even want to sleep here …

“He turns on his back, opens the door and leaves the cabin.”

(Faith): Did you find anything useful?

(Eduard): Just marks and bullet. And you? Any luck?

(Faith): In addition to the great view, I found a phone.

(Eduard): That’s great!

(Faith): It is useless without a signal. At least we found something.

“Gun sounds are heard.”

(Eduard): Shots? We need to go after those two!

(Faith): And Joseph? Shall we leave him alone?

(Eduard): If you want to stay, fine. I will!

(Faith): Wait!

“Both run into the forest in the direction where the shots were heard. A few seconds later they find a stranger pointing a gun at Adam and Helen.”

(Eduard): What will we do? “Low voice”

(Faith): We will do it!

“She picks up a rock and hurls it at the stranger.”

(Faith): RUN!

“Faith and Eduard run back to camp.”

(Faith): Joseph? Where are you? We need to get out of here!

(Eduard): Maybe he was hiding!

(???): Stop! Don’t even think about running!

“They both turn around and raise their arms.”

(???): Look, I don’t want to hurt anyone. They just need to hear me!

“Something strikes the stranger strongly and falls unconscious on the floor.”

(Joseph): Did you miss me?

Picking apples with Helen and Adam.

(Adam): This way, let’s go!

(Helen): I can’t wait to eat something, I’m so excited.

(Adam): It is good to see you excited, you are usually very stressed.

(Helen): I don’t want to be boring, but I’m going through a complicated phase.

(Adam): I know how difficult it is.

(Helen): Really know?

(Adam): I have two older sisters, I know what I’m talking about.

(Helen): It is horrible to be the little brother.

(Adam): Not so much, the youngest is always the most spoiled and always has everything. The only useful thing I did when I was 14 was washing up.

(Helen): Looking this way is good.

(Adam): Everything has a good side and a bad side.

(Helen): Truth. Well … for a while I would like to ask you a question.

(Adam): And what would be the question? “with a curious tone”

(Helen): Every time we get together and ask “teen” questions, you get serious and try to leave. Why? Is it because of your anxiety? Something like that?

(Adam): “Strong breath” Yes. This Social Anxiety makes me think about things that couldn’t even happen and I always avoid everything.

(Helen): I understand. You know that we’re just trying to play in the middle of this fire, right?

(Adam): I know. If we are going to die it is better to know the last people we will see.

“Helen is crestfallen and begins to slow down”

(Adam): What happened? Did I say something very unnecessary?

(Helen): I wanted to see the world as you do, you know? Always looking at reality.

(Adam): Looking at reality only makes you a bitter person who lives in solitude. I recommend being realistic only when you need to.

(Helen): Yeah…

“Adam stops walking and looks up.”

(Adam): Here is she!

(Helen): Finally. Let’s go fast with this!

“Gun sounds are heard near them.”

(Helen): Adam? Did you hear that?

(Adam): They’re shots! We need to go back!

(Helen): If they are in the camp? What if -

(???): Do not move. Otherwise I shoot.

(Helen): What you want? What do you do here? Put the gun down, please!

(???): I don’t want to hurt anyone.

(Adam): So why are you pointing this thing at us?

(???): You shouldn’t be here! You need to -

“A stone is thrown at the stranger and he is stunned.”

(Faith): RUN!

“Adam and Helen run without really thinking which way to go.”

“The stranger becomes aware again.”

(???): Where do you think you are going?

“Adam and Helen keep running until they reach an open field with a differentiated lawn”

(Helen): Why did you stop? “gasping”

(Adam): This lawn is fake. I dont understand.

(Helen): It doesn’t matter, we need to -

“The ground opens up quickly in a matter of seconds and they both fall into an obscure hole.”

(Helen): Where? Where are we?

(Adam): Do you think I know? I’m more lost than you.

“They both get up slowly.”

(Adam): It’s so dark. Do you have any lighting?

(Helen): Luckily for me, I have my cell phone.

(Adam): I doubt it’s working …

“Helen pulls her cell phone out of her pocket.”

(Helen): Beautiful thing like her owner.

“She turns on the flashlight and points ahead.”

(Adam): Are we in a tunnel? Scary and very interesting!

(Helen): Interesting? I doubt to repeat that word while being eaten alive by these things.

“They both start walking forward slowly.”

(Adam): You go first, right?

(Helen): Obvious because I am the one holding the light here.

(Adam): Are you sure? If something comes up it will get you first.

(Helen): I know, but if you ask so much you can go.

“Helen offers her cell phone.”

(Adam): On second thought, you can go ahead. The cell is yours.

(Helen): Amazing how quickly you changed your mind.

“They keep walking until they see suspicious movement ahead.”

(Adam): Wait, I saw something!

(Helen): I think I saw it too, but we have no choice.

(Adam): We can go back and scream until someone comes!

(Helen): This “someone” can be the guy with the gun or even -

“Distracted, she ends up falling into a hole.”


“A silence takes place for a few seconds.”

(Adam): Stay there. I’m going to keep going and find a way to get there. I promise!

“Adam enters the darkness.”

“The girl opens her eyes slowly and gets up.”

(Helen): Adam? Where did my cell phone go? ADAM!

“She looks around and just sees the darkness.”

(Helen): It’s scary. I need to get out of here!

“She looks up.”

(Helen): I see strong lighting up there. It’s probably my cell phone. Adam is useless for having forgotten that.

“She looks ahead, sees movement and then hears voices.”

(Helen): Adam? Is that you? I am here! I do not see anything!

“She hears a noise behind her and sees a sudden movement in front of her.”

(Helen): Adam? Where do I go?

“It seems that things get more and more complicated. Problems do not leave the group alone! First dinosaurs, an armed man and now false floors leading to a tunnel? I can assure you that this is just the beginning!”

“Lost in the dark. Not knowing what’s around you. This is really disturbing. What will the young girl do? Go forward, facing the darkness or wait for someone to appear in the place where she fell.”

“Go ahead, it’s time to make an important decision!”

Go ahead or wait.
  • Go into the darkness
  • Stay at the crash site and wait for help

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