It Came from the Forbidden Forest. [Story] #5

Abandoned Tunnel | 00:53 | Oct. 29, 2017

(Eduard): This way!

(Joseph): What a huge hole!

(Faith): Do you think they fell here?

(Eduard): No doubt.

(Joseph): Who goes first? I am the second.

“Eduard looks at Faith and nods. She pushes Joseph, who ends up falling into the hole.”

(Faith): Come on!

“Faith jumps and then Eduard jumps too. They get up and see Joseph looking furiously.”

(Joseph): If you want to kill me please let me know in advance! Otherwise I will return from the world of the dead to get you both!

“Joseph turns on his back and looks into the darkness.”

(Faith): I liked this place, it looks so comfortable!

(Eduard): If that’s what makes you happy …

Eduard | 00:55 | Abandoned Tunnel

“Everyone starts walking slowly looking around.”

(Joseph): Nobody brought a single cell phone?

(Eduard): Mine ran out of battery a few minutes ago.

(Faith): Don’t worry, I see a light up front!

“They start walking towards the light.”

(Faith): I hope they are here!

(Eduard): They wouldn’t have anywhere else to go except here.

(Faith): Right.

(Joseph): Here, I got it!

“He picks up the fallen phone”

(Eduard): It’s from Helen! I knew they would be here!

(Faith): No matter where they are, they have to be okay.

(Joseph): Look, there’s a huge hole around here!

(Helen): Finally you guys showed up!

(Eduard): We finally found you!

“Eduard and Joseph reach out to the girl and pull her up.”

(Helen): It is so good to be close to you!

“The brothers embrace.”

(Joseph): Remember this scene well, it may be the last time we see Helen hugging her brother.

(Helen): I also missed you if that’s what you wanted to know.

(Joseph): Thank you thank you. I almost forgot, here’s your cell phone.

“Joseph offers the cell phone to the girl.”

(Helen): Thanks. I missed that wonder.

(Faith): I didn’t want to spoil the moment, but … where’s Adam?

(Helen): After I fell into that black hole, I didn’t see he anymore.

(Joseph): Let’s go through the tunnel, he must have followed that path.

“Everyone starts walking towards the darkness.”

(Faith): Why would he go alone? Without light or anything.

(Eduard): Adam is those people who are paralyzed in action situations.

(Helen): Do you think he was so desperate that he went into darkness?

(Faith): We won’t find out until we find him.

“Everyone walks until they reach a big and huge iron door.”

(Helen): Weird. Why is there a huge, clean, beautiful iron door in the middle of nowhere?

(Joseph): I wish I could answer you.

(Eduard): How did Adam get through that door? He is thin but not so much to be able to pass in that gap.

(Faith): We’ll find out later, now help me open this up.

“Everyone puts their fingers in the gap to be able to open, except Helen who looks back trying to see something.”

(Joseph): Helen! A helping hand would be welcome!

(Helen): Could you go faster? PLEASE?!

“They start to move the door while the girl sees a small creature emerging from the hole where it had fallen before.”

(Eduard): What’s it? Why are you standing there?

“The girl starts pushing the door with all her strength.”

(Faith): Pushing will not help, put your fingers in the gap and push to the right!!

(Helen): Okay, Okay!

“They manage to increase the size of the doorway and start to pass, while Helen sees a pair of yellow eyes looking at all of them.”

(Eduard): Come on Helen, you’re just missing!

“An arm passes through the gap and pulls Helen inside.”

(Helen): Thanks, I -

(Adam): Take more care, those things are everywhere!

(Helen): Adam?

(Adam): Did you miss me?

“Everyone embraces Adam who doesn’t understand anything.”

(Adam): Calm down, I’m alive!

(Joseph): How did you get through that door? And why did you come alone?

(Adam): I was desperate and tried to find some way to help Helen. The door was open, but when I passed it, it triggered an alarm and started to close on its own and I decided to hide under that table.

(Eduard): Adam being himself.

“Adam turns his eyes.”

“Everyone looks around and sees that they are in a research location.”

(Faith): Are we in a laboratory? Why am I not surprised? Our situation is getting worse and worse.

(Eduard): Adam, Faith and Helen stay here, Joseph and I will find out if there is anyone here or any way out.

(Adam): Alright.

(Helen): Look, there’s a huge map of the forest on the wall.

“Everyone walks towards the map.”

(Adam): Huge forest …

(Helen): We are right in the middle of it and underground. How can it get worse?

(Faith): I hope not.

(Joseph): We are back!

(Eduard): Do you want the bad news first? Or the bad news?

(Helen): Good news first, thank you!

(Eduard): Okay, the bad news: All the back doors are locked. There’s nowhere to go.

(Helen): I said the good news!

(Faith): Great, what do we do now?

“Footsteps are heard at the back door.”

(Joseph): “In a low voice” Someone is coming!

Eduard | 01:04 pm | Laboratory

Hide under the table

(Eduard): In a low voice" Everyone hides under the table!

“Everyone hides under a big white table in the middle of the room.”

“Everyone is silent and hears the door open. A man in dark clothes enters the room and walks around. He opens one of the cabinets and then closes it.”

(???): First the mercenaries disappear, the police are more and more frequent in these areas and now we have children who can ruin everything. What’s next now?

“He walks slowly to the back doors.”

(???): I knew that releasing some experiments would be bad, now we have to deal with them all the time. I’m tired.

“He picks up an unidentified object on a corner table, then walks to the back and leaves.”

“Everyone is quiet for a few more seconds until they decide to leave.”

(Adam): That was close! If he had found us, he would have killed us! We have to go now! “Panting”

(Joseph): Calm down, he left. Don’t worry, if he comes back I can shoot him.

(Helen): Do you have a GUN?!

(Faith): We took the gun from that nut in the forest.

(Adam): Did you steal a gun? Okay … it can be useful, right?

(Eduard): The doors were locked. He’s probably an employee.

(Faith): He talked about experiments and worse! He knows about our existence!

(Helen): Can we go? We can go back to the hole where we fell and try something. We have no choice.

(Adam): Or that hole you fell into. Come on, we have nothing to lose!

“Loud noises and noises are heard from the ceiling.”

Hide in closets

(Eduard): “In a low voice” Everyone, hide in closets!

“Everyone hides inside the gray cabinets on the left side of the room.”

“Everyone is silent and hears the door open. A man in dark clothes enters the room and walks around. He opens one of the cabinets and comes across one of them.”


“The guy pulls a gun out of his pocket and points at Joseph.”


“Joseph raises his arms up and comes out of the closet”

(Joseph): Calm down okay? I was hiding from those things “with a shaky voice”

“The man slowly holds the gun. Quickly Joseph pulls a gun out of his pocket and hits the guy with it, who collapses on the floor.”

“Desperate, everyone comes out of the closet almost synchronized. Everyone looks at Joseph and the fallen man in fright.”

(Joseph): I didn’t think straight, I didn’t want to -

(Eduard): Relax, you did well.

(Helen): Can we go? We can go back to the hole where we fell and try something. We have no choice.

(Adam): Or that hole you fell into. Come on, we have nothing to lose!

*“Loud noises and noises are heard from the ceiling.”

“Everyone runs to the corridor where they came from. More noises are heard, but this time in the room where they were.”

(Faith): Keep running, we’re being followed.

(Helen): This time we are really followed!!

“Everyone runs until they reach the huge hole.”

(Joseph): Impossible to get up there!

(Adam): Let’s try some -

(???): Over here, kids!

“A person reaches out to pull them.”

(Eduard): Help us!

“Eduard, Helen and Adam manage to leave the hole using a rope with the help of the stranger.”

“Faith and Joseph look back and see creatures with yellow eyes coming towards them.”

(Joseph): They’re coming! Help us!

(Faith): Fast please!

(Eduard): Wait a second!

“We have reached the end of yet another episode. As I said, things just get worse and don’t worry, things will get even worse!”

“The young people came across a laboratory that hides many secrets! No doubt they are not alone …”

“These creatures with yellow eyes, tireless and agile do not stop following our characters. Are they the greatest danger they are facing or will we have something greater?”

“Well, let’s leave the past a little behind and look to the future. Faith and Joseph. A terribly difficult choice I believe. Choosing one of your friends and leaving the other behind is a cruel choice. But there is nothing we can do but choose just one. Who will come out of that hole? A smart and lovable girl or a comical and sincere boy? It’s your choice!”

“It is not for me to help you, but maybe this time I can give you a little help. It is not mandatory to see, but if you need … there it is! Good luck, see you in the next episode!”



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