It Came from the Forbidden Forest. [Story] #6

(Eduard): Joseph first!

:arrow_down:The relationship between Faith and Eduard was worsened:arrow_down:

:arrow_up:The relationship between Joseph and Eduard has been improved:arrow_up:

“Eduard and the Stranger pull Joseph up, while Faith looks back to see creatures approaching.”

“They manage to make Joseph go up, but when they look down they notice that Faith has disappeared.”


(Joseph): I should have given her the gun. I’m useless!

(Helen): Stay calm, maybe she’ll go into the hole where I was.

(Adam): Was it possible to see in that place?!

(Helen): It was total darkness…

(???): Did she have any light? Flashlight for example.

(Eduard): The only people with light here are Helen and me.

(Helen): We don’t leave the house without these things.

(???): I didn’t want to be pessimistic but she may be at risk without lighting.

(Joseph): Isn’t that kind of obvious? Enter the darkness without light …

(???): The only weapon to stop these things is light. They are frightened when a light hits them.

(Adam): How do you know that?

(???): I found out in the worst way possible.

“The stranger walks into the forest.”

(Helen): Where are you going?

(???): I’m going back to camp, it’s not safe here. You should come with me.

(Adam): And why should we trust you?

(???): I’ve been in this forest for a long time and you don’t have much choice.

“Everyone starts to follow the stranger and enter the forest.”

Joseph | 01:08 | Historical Forest

“After a few minutes of walking, they return to the camp.”

(Joseph): …So, what do you do here? Are you lost too? Are you being chased by these creatures?

(???): I cannot give you all the answers but I guarantee you that I am not lost. I can help you get out of here. I would have helped earlier, but you are stubborn.

(Eduard): Can you really help us? Why would you do that?

(???): I’m not the best person in the world, but I don’t want to see anyone die for these creatures. Not again.

(Adam): And how do we get out?

(???): It’s easier than it looks. I recommend you to follow the trails towards the North. It will take you to a highway.

(Helen): Very good! Can we go now?

(Adam): And leave Faith behind? No way!

(???): Unfortunately, her chances of surviving are low.

(Adam): I know…

(Joseph): So, what’s the plan?

(Eduard): Let’s head north, look for Faith and leave as soon as possible. Very simple! Can we go at dawn?

(???): You should leave right now. Let’s say that in the morning the movement around here is not very favorable.

(Adam): Why? By day we will have fewer carnivores to contend with.

(???): Believe me, things in the morning are not favorable. Get some sleep, then head north and never come back. There’s nothing here.

(Helen): Okay, right.

(???): And won’t they return my gun? It is my only defense against big teeth.

(Joseph): Sorry, this is not going to happen. As far as we know you can turn and use against us. I don’t know you, I don’t trust you and I won’t be taking any chances. I don’t want to lose anyone else.

(???): “He gives a slight smile” Clever. Do you even know how to use it? Anybody know?

(Joseph): I learned and don’t ask how …

“Everyone gets up and goes to the huts. Except for the stranger standing outside.”

(Adam): You will stay there? You should get some rest.

(???): Someone needs to keep their eyes open … I haven’t slept for days, it won’t make a difference. You can rest.

(Adam): Alright…

“33 minutes later.”

(Joseph): I can’t sleep, it’s impossible.

“He opens the door and finds Adam sitting around the fire.”

(Adam): Can’t sleep too?

(Joseph): Difficult to try to sleep with fearsome creatures close by.

“Joseph looks around and seems to notice something.”

(Joseph): Where’s the guy?

(Adam): He said he would be on the lookout, but ended up disappearing.

(Joseph): Weird. Anyway, I don’t trust him.

(Adam): He saved our lives, said where we should go and you doesn’t trust him?

(Joseph): I didn’t feel comfortable around him. He’s hiding something.

“A huge roar is heard.”

(Joseph): Something tells me that this is not Ceratty.

(Adam): Her roar was not that loud and threatening.

“Eduard opens the door to the cabin in despair.”

(Eduard): You heard that, right ?!

(Helen): We should get out of here and look for Faith even though this bed is comfortable.

(Adam): She’s right, let’s get out of here!

“A roar is heard again, but this time more closely. Everyone enters the trail that heads north. They keep running but stop when they find a huge footprint.”

(Helen): Why do these creatures like to leave footprints on the ground?

(Adam): These tracks are larger than Ceratty’s and are from a carnivore.

(Joseph): In other words: We are dead!

(Eduard): It doesn’t matter, we have to keep going. This thing must be sniffing us.

(Helen): Seriously? So we don’t have much time because my brother hasn’t had a bath in 4 days!

“They run again, but are faced with a destroyed building on the left side of the road.”

(Adam): This way, let’s go!

“Everyone runs towards the building and hides when they get there.”

(Helen): It smells like burning!

(Joseph): Maybe because it was set on fire?

(Eduard): It is very recent.

“A huge creature walks on the road where they were.”

(Helen): What is that thing? A Rex?

(Adam): People need to be more knowledgeable but it is bigger anyway.

(Helen): Do you have any idea what that is? Einstein of the Dinosaurs.

(Adam): Do you want me to recognize this thing? I forgot I am 65 million years old!

(Helen): Are you the new Queen Elizabeth? She does know what dinosaurs were like.

(Adam): More respect for her age.

(Eduard): Can you two be quiet? We don’t have time for jokes.

“Joseph takes a paper lying under a well-burned wood.”

(Helen): What did you find?

(Joseph): I can’t read straight because it is wrinkled and well burned, but it refers to experiments on creatures with twice the strength and -

“The huge creature appears behind them and lets out a huge roar. Everyone screams and runs away, except Adam who chose to hide under the rubble.”

“The huge creature sniffs the debris, but ends up giving up on hearing shots. She turns around, enters the bush and disappears.”

“Adam looks around and doesn’t see the creature anymore. When he look at the rubble on your side and end up seeing huge eggs.”

“A few seconds later, the group meets.”

(Helen): I finally found you, being alone is awful.

(Joseph): Wait, where’s Adam?

(Adam): I’m here!

“Adam rejoins the group, panting.”

(Helen): Where were you?

(Adam): I hid under some wood and found eggs. I think we were in her nest.

(Eduard): Are we in her territory? Great, things weren’t bad enough.

(Joseph): Where do we go now?

(Eduard): While I was running, I saw a sign saying that there is a facility to the north that takes the underground parts.

(Helen): We don’t have much choice, do we?

(Adam): So what are we waiting for, let’s go!

“They hear a strong movement in the bushes on the direct side of the road, right behind them.”

(Helen): Was it just me who heard that?

(Eduard): You were not the only one. I think we’re being watched.

(Adam): While I was in the rubble I heard shots. Luckily that thing heard and left.

“Joseph pulls the gun out of his pocket and points to the bushes.”

(Adam): What do you think you’re doing? Be careful with that!

(Joseph): “With a shaky voice” What do I do?

(Eduard): I don’t know, let’s stay tuned. If the noise continues or you see an extremely large movement, shoot!

(Joseph): I really want to run but I am tired of being chased and having a feeling of being watched.

(Helen): Be very careful, okay? If it’s a thug it doesn’t matter. Anything was self-defense.

“Joseph closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.”

“We have reached the end of yet another episode! Many things are happening, do you agree?”

“Abandoned and left behind. Totally alone in the dark. I really hope she is fine.”

“And the stranger. He came from the beyond and is helping young people to get out of the forest. He really wants everyone away. Very mysterious.”

“Mysterious is also the new chasing creature. Do you have any idea which creature it is? No doubt it is bigger than our dear Cerraty. She is very fierce and dominant.”

“Well … now we have a choice. I can’t say much, I can’t intervene but you can! Any idea what might be there? Something good and kind or something scary and mean? The choice is yours, good luck and until the next episode!”

Shoot or Don’t Shoot
  • Joseph must shoot.
  • Joseph must not shoot.

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