It Came from the Forbidden Forest. [Story] #7

Northern Trail | October 29 | 1:48 pm

“Joseph closes his eyes and takes a deep breath”


“Joseph shoots”

Updated narrative. Updated Relationships.

(Joseph): I got it right? Are we safe?

“A person comes out of the bushes and kneels.”

(Adam): FAITH?!

“She falls to the floor and turns on her back. Adam kneels beside her.”

“Helen gets scared. Eduard hugs her and prevents her from seeing the scene.”

(Joseph): I didn’t… I thought … No …

“Adam lifts Faith off the floor.”

(Adam): Are you okay? How it feels?

(Faith): I am fine. The bullet went straight.

“Adam gets up and walks over to Joseph. Eduard is among them.”

(Eduard): Let’s all calm down, nobody is to blame for anything. Joseph wanted to protect us!

(Adam): Now we see that it is a terrible protector!

Updated Relationships

:arrow_down: The relationship between Joseph and Eduard has been reduced :arrow_down:

:arrow_down: The relationship between Joseph and Faith has been reduced :arrow_down:

:arrow_down: The relationship between Joseph and Helen has been reduced :arrow_down:

:fire: The relationship between Joseph and Adam was destroyed. :fire:

(Joseph): Sorry.

(Faith): It’s fine… I think.

“Joseph offers the gun to Adam, who takes it, shoots it up using all the bullets and returns it to Joseph”

(Adam): Now I doubt you can kill anyone else with this.

“Yellow eyes appear in the bushes around them.”

(Eduard): WE HAVE TO GO, NOW!

(Adam): Can you run?

(Faith): I can do it, don’t worry

“Everyone runs north towards the road.”

“After a few seconds of running, they find an entrance to underground tunnels.”

(Helen): An underground entrance?

(Adam): The door is open, maybe a person left here in search of his friends but “accidentally” received a shot.

(Joseph): … Was that an indirect?

(Adam): I do not know. Perhaps? Ask Faith maybe she can answer.

(Joseph): Look, I’m sorry … I -

(Eduard): We don’t have time for that. Joseph helps me to light this entrance and see if it is safe.

“Adam turns on his back looking in the direction they came from and kneels. Helen sits next to him.”

(Helen): I’m sorry for what happened, but there was nothing we could do.

(Adam): Does not matter. I asked not to shoot and he did.

(Helen): My brother said, he just wanted to help. We all make mistakes. She’ll be fine. This forest is being a nightmare for all of us. I’m sure when she arrives at the hospital she will point at you and say: Hey, look! He’s my best friend and he saved me! He’s amazing, one of the best people I’ve ever met.

“Adam smiles.”

(Helen): Anything I’m here.

“Adam and Helen embrace.”

Updated Relationships

:arrow_up:The relationship between Adam and Helen has improved.:arrow_up:

“Faith finally catches up with them and sits down.”

(Adam): I wanted to wait for you, but you didn’t want my help.

(Faith): I don’t want to delay you.

(Helen): You would never be a problem or a delay.

(Faith): Thanks. Thank you also for having animated this goofball.

(Adam): Goofball? Really?

“The three get up. Eduard approaches them.”

(Eduard): It has a grand staircase that can take you to the underground parts where Faith was.

(Faith): There are tunnels everywhere I don’t know how I managed to get out.

(Eduard): Joseph found half a map on a tree. If we follow this path we can reach the highway because if we go over it we will have to go through a huge river and we would not have a chance.

(Adam): Right. Can you and I go ahead and see if it’s clean without anyone?

(Eduard): Alright.

(Adam): Are you going to be okay alone? I know Helen is going to stay with you but she and no one is the same.

(Helen): Seriously? So get ready, you’re the next to get shot!

(Faith): Yes. I am bleeding a lot but there is nothing we can do.

“Adam takes off his blouse and gives it to her.”

(Faith): Are you sure? You are extremely vulnerable to the cold. 20 degrees and you are already completely cold.

(Adam): No problems. Cold is nothing compared to a shot. Take care you two.

“Adam and Eduard go ahead to see if there is any danger, but the entrance door closes alone.”

(Adam): Look, the door is closed!

(Joseph): Are you guys right down there?

(Eduard): We are fine. Let’s see if we can find any way to open that door. Take care!

(Joseph): Right. Take care too!

Adam | 01:52 | Underground Installations

(Adam): I’m worried about Faith. I hope the girls are fine up there.

(Eduard): Girls? Did you forget about Joseph’s existence? Everyone has to be fine.

“Adam ignores everything his friend said and continues down the stairs.”

(Eduard): Sometimes I get worried about you. Joseph doesn’t have -

(Adam): Can we focus? Our focus is to get out of here and help Faith.

(Eduard): Everyone’s goal is to help Faith and get out of here. Your only objective at the moment is to understand things, it is a pity that even you cannot do more.

“Adam stops going down the stairs, turns on his back and looks at Eduard who is still reaching him.”

(Adam): We have bandits and creatures chasing us. Joseph is absolutely nothing. It can be owned by you, for me whatever. Now, please, let’s focus on what’s important.

“Both go down a few more steps and into a room.”

Updated Characteristics

Irrational and Insensitive.

(Adam): You can turn off your phone’s flashlight, I found a light switch.

(Eduard): Finally some well lit and safe place.

(Adam): “Safe” is not the right word, I would say “favorable”

(Eduard): How many papers on that table.

(Adam): These papers are nothing compared to these security camera monitors.

(Eduard): Security cameras in a forest?

(Adam): Perhaps they are watching the creatures out there. In fact, the real issue is these creatures.

(Eduard): Whatever, I just want to get out of here alive.

(Adam): And these papers? Maybe they’ll reveal something about this place.

(Eduard): There are records about the employees and the creatures here.

(Adam): I will read about the creatures.

(Eduard): Michael Floyd, Rick Everett, Gordon Palomino, Kenneth…

(Adam): Nasutoceratops, Giraffatitan, Ceratosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Troodon… Wait, Troodon? This is bad. Too bad.

(Eduard): Why?

(Adam): Remember I bought a book 3 weeks ago about reports of survivors from the islands of the 5 deaths? One of the survivors reported on creatures with yellow eyes and she said the name was Troodon. I’ve always found these creatures familiar.

(Eduard): …And?

(Adam): She reported that another survivor who was with her was bitten by one of these creatures and had several reactions. If those things bite us, we’re fried!

(Eduard): And to make matters worse they are everywhere!

(Adam): Truth. Anything useful in those papers?

(Eduard): I found something very interesting. Do you know the guy we met earlier? Well, he works here but his name is crossed out. Some other two names are crossed out but I can read.

(Adam): Scratched? What does that mean?

(Eduard): I don’t know, but I found something else more intriguing. His role and that of the other two was stealing. It is not clear what this theft is about, but it seems that they stole it …

(Adam): AND? Say something!

(Eduard): The leaf is half full.

(Adam): Great. The only person we found we can’t trust anymore. Any more good information?

(Eduard): This is the worst of all. The forest we are in is owned by a company called Biosyn. No person is allowed to enter this forest except employees. If they catch us, what will happen to us?

(Adam): They either kill us or we go to jail.

(Eduard): Funny. Are they doing illegal things and will we be arrested? I need to take a picture of this here.

(Adam): Are you sure? If they are arrested, we will go together.

(Eduard): We are not to blame for being here.

(Adam): Do you think the police will believe us?

(???): The boy is right. You can’t tell the police anything.

(Eduard): Where are you from?

(Paul): There are two doors back here.

(Adam): Why shouldn’t we tell the police anything?

(Eduard): It is not obvious? He doesn’t want to be arrested.

(Paul): Truth. But that is not the real reason. Even if you say something to the police, do you really think this is the only facility we have in the country? If you tell, you can not only be arrested but also hunted by others.

(Adam): And why are you helping us? It could very well kill us and be free.

(Eduard): He’s trying to get our trust.

(Paul): How do you think they ended up in that abandoned house? I want you to leave here alive, but I can’t do much. I don’t want any more blood on my hands.

(Adam): Have you killed anyone?

(Paul): It’s a long story, it doesn’t matter. Just get out of here before they find you. I’m going to open that stairway door and that main door that takes you north. I’m going, stay well.

(Adam): Alright, stay well too.

“Eduard waits for the guy to disappear.”

(Eduard): Do you think we can trust him? I mean, should we tell the police something when we get out of here?

(Adam): Of course I want. But I do not know. We can be followed whether we count or not.

(Eduard): So shall we count?

(Adam): I don’t want to be caught or hunted. I spent years being haunted by myself.

Tell or Don’t Tell
  • Tell the police about what they discovered when they left the forest.
  • Wait for the police to find out for themselves.

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(Eduard): Let’s talk about it later, okay? It seems stupid not to say anything. How will they know if we say anything or not?

(Adam): I do not know. It would be very obvious to choose to tell everything and live happily ever after. Things are not that simple. I’ll decide later.

(Eduard): It’s all right. Wait, where are the others? They should be here.

(Adam): We can keep going. They reach us.

(Eduard): Wait. That door is closing, RUN!

“They both manage to get through the door before it closes.”

(Adam): We almost didn’t make it.

(Eduard): And the others? Shall we leave them behind?

(Adam): Let’s look for a button.

(Eduard): I wanted to be at home watching TV.

(Adam): In this situation, any rational person wanted to be at home watching TV.

(Eduard): In fact, what is your favorite show?

(Adam): “Do You Agree or Disagree”

(Eduard): Nice. I hope the program comes back.

(Adam): It will be back next month. I hope to get out alive and be able to watch.

(Eduard): Nice. Hey, wait. Why is this room so big and has curtains around us.

(Adam): I don’t know, let’s see what’s behind.

“Both open one of the curtains.”

(Eduard): Cars? We have a means of escape.

(Adam): Do you really think these wonders are here for free? Keys are missing and it would be theft.

(Eduard): We will continue on foot then.

(Adam): Biosyn… again.

(Eduard): What did you expect? This whole place belongs to them.

(???): True, including these cars.

“Both look back and see a man in dark clothes pointing a gun.”

(???): Raise your hands!

(Adam): Alright, alright.

(???): I finally found you. Smart but not so much.

(Adam): Are you looking for us?

(???): You are very naive, I am impressed that you have come this far.

(Adam): What are you going to do with us? Ri-Rick Everett.

(???): You know how to read? Congratulations, but I am sorry to say that it is the last thing you will read.

“The man points the gun at Adam, gets ready to shoot and then Joseph throws himself at him and they both fall to the ground. The gun flies away.”

(Eduard): Joseph!

(Adam): The gun!

“Adam runs to get the gun. Joseph gets punched and is inconsistent. Eduard tries to take the man off the boy and gets punched in the stomach.”

(Adam): Got it! I CAUGHT!

“Adam takes the gun and runs towards Rick. Upon reaching him and sees that Joseph has become hostage to the man.”

(Rick): Put the gun down or the kid dies. I’m not kidding, I’m doing something I should have done a long time ago.

“Adam throws the gun away and the man throws Joseph to the ground.”

(Rick): Now let’s talk to you and me.

“The man raises his knife to hit the boy and is shot by Helen.”

“He falls to the ground lifeless and the girl drops the gun.”

(Adam): It was close, thanks!

(Helen): He died?

(Adam): Yes, do not worry. You saved us all. Thanks.

“3 minutes later”

(Eduard): It’s good that everyone is well. Thank you for saving us

(Faith): If it weren’t for Helen everyone would be dead

(Eduard): True. Adam? Can you talk privately?

(Adam): Faith, stay here with Helen, I’ll be right back.

(Faith): Alright, okay.

“Adam and Eduard walk to the other side of the lobby until they reach Joseph who is waiting.”

(Adam): What are we going to talk about?

(Eduard): About Helen. She killed that man

(Adam): Is that so? It was self-defense. She saved us.

(Eduard): Now we can be arrested.

(Joseph): Shall we tell the police something about all this?

(Eduard): If we go to tell, we will have to lie and say it was me. I can’t allow anything to happen to her.

(Adam): You’re kidding, right?

(Joseph): And another thing. Are we going to let her make her own decisions alone? She already took one and resulted in the death of someone.

(Adam): Did the guy hit you both so hard? Come on. She made the right decision and if she wants to show her point of view I’ll support it.

(Joseph): She accused me without reason there in that abandoned house. She killed someone. We cannot let her make another decision alone.

(Adam): Great, so next time she’ll let us die. You are not rationing right

(Joseph): Since I shot Faith, you haven’t been rationing correctly.

(Adam): I have not been rationing correctly? I didn’t shoot Faith.

(Joseph): Anyway, we are two

(Adam): I know how to count, don’t worry. She did nothing more! How many times do I need to say this?

(Eduard): Adam, listen -

(Adam): The two of you need to listen. I may be the worst person in the group but that doesn’t justify her not making her own decisions.

(Joseph): Nobody is saying that you are the worst person, on the contrary. You are amazing, but could you calm down and breathe?

(Adam): Right. Sorry OK? Now pay attention. Are we going to let her make her own decisions?

(Joseph): My vote is no. Since she accused me without reason, I can’t trust her.

(Adam): Eduard?

(Eduard): You can argue first.

(Adam): I think we should …

Helen’s Future
  • Let her make her own decisions and show her point of view
  • Don’t let her make her own decisions

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“Getting shot shouldn’t be very pleasant, especially if that shot is fired by a person you trust. I would advise you to be careful with the gun next time, but it would be useless since the bullets are gone.”

“Many changes have occurred and will occur. Stay tuned!”

“Many revelations and events, don’t you think? We found out a little more about the place, about the mysterious man who appears and disappears. To trust or not to trust? To tell or not to tell? This time we have two decisions to make, I hope you have thought a lot before choosing.”

“Which side are you on? Is it on Adam’s side? Hide what they found and save friends from going to the chair and trusting the girl? On Eduard’s side? Lying to the police and not letting the girl make her decisions? Or neither? Do you agree with either side? Either way the consequences will come, it just changes how they will be.”

“You are doing well. Everyone is alive and well … almost everyone. Let’s see how long it lasts. See you soon!”

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