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It could have been an excellent tournament but

The first thing to say is that these weekend tournaments have been excellent news to break the monotony of the main tournament, especially this month with a reward for being elegant, not very exciting. Failures aside, these tournaments deserve my congratulations to Ludia. They could be a 10 but it stays in a 7 for two problems of these tournaments that is difficult to understand because Ludia does not solve.

The first is a problem of medium importance. There is no way to know based on the varying scores per battle won or lost. Being in position 120 I have won a Top50 and has given me only 20 points. On another occasion being in position 110 I won someone who was not in the top 250 and gave me 40 points. The same happened to me in the defeats. How can this be understood? In the normal arena I could understand it by the level of the dinosaurs but in this tournament all the dinos were epic (very rarely a rare), all at level 26 and all without boost. Some explanation? This could be a serious problem but, I understand, it affects all users equally.

The second is the big problem of these tournaments. The problem that ruins the tournament for the majority of users and is none other than the fact that, on equal terms with dinosaurs, the turns are decided by the one who presses first, that is, the one who lives in a country closer to Canada, which is connected to a higher power network or that has a more expensive mobile device. It is frustrating to be compulsively hitting the mobile screen knowing that you will always lose. While you are in low positions you may win some confrontation but when you reach the top100 you know that you have no chance. You have the right team, the right tactic, the mental rappelling to execute it … but nothing matters, every three or four battles you will have your proceratomimus in front of a rival’s proceratominus “with priority” and you’ve already lost that battle … This is why most members of my alliance do not compete these tournaments beyond making sure some notes. On this occasion, four members decided to compete and the experience was the same for the four. The four of us will be Top250 but we are banned to reach a better position. None of the 4 was able to win any speed duel of perhaps 40 or 50 times that situation, possibly more. How difficult is it to leave this subject to chance so that everyone has options? I guess that will piss off the lucky few who always win speed duels (except among them, I suppose) but in addition to being more fair, it would make us not always see the same players in high positions.


Sounds like the same bug as for regular arena with the trophies. They’re reversed. You win big for beating someone lower in rank, and low for beating someone in higher rank.
As for the speed ties, I propose the following way to solve it:
** Rock-Paper-Scissors style but with 4 options. **

You get a turn and you happen to be speed tied?
An interface would pop up that gives you the option to pick a symbol. However, to avoid having 2 people pick the same thing, if opponent picks a symbol first, it and another one would be grayed out for you, leaving you with 2 other options out of which 1 of them can beat the one chosen.

So let’s say we got 4 choices: cleanse, ferocious, bleed, nullify.
Cleanse > Bleed, Bleed > Nullify, Ferocious > Cleanse, Nullify > Ferocious, Bleed > Ferocious

You pick bleed. Options Bleed & Nullify greyed out for opponent. Opponent picks cleanse. Opponent goes first.
You pick nullify. Options Nullify & Bleed greyed out for opponent. Opponent picks ferocious. You go first.
You pick cleanse. Options Nullify & Cleanse greyed out for opponent. Opponent goes ferocious. Opponent goes first.
You pick ferocious. Options Ferocious & Bleed greyed out for opponent. Opponent goes nullify. Opponent goes first.

I really like this decision option! Well, I really like any decision option other than the current one

  1. The one you propose
  2. Pure Random
  3. Pure chance the first time and consecutive turns the following
    etc etc etc

All these options would be fair options. The current one makes some win always (or almost) and others always lose (or almost) … but many months ago that this fact has been commented here … and the case made to users is the usual one, none.

I thought of the system because many seem to not like RNG so might as well give players some strategy to use even when speed-tied. This tournament has the biggest problem when it’s Christmas Chicken vs itself or sometimes Brontolasmus vs itself, but CC is the worst offender. It has almost no counter to itself, especially turn 1. Can’t dodge, because turn 1 is most likely nullify. Unless you make a wild guess that opponent will try to dodge too same turn or will dare to be stupid and ID your chicken, which is not very likely.

Actually there is a much worse case. In the case of CC, at least the winner will have received damage. In the case of Indominus 2 the thing is worse. The 2 will do mutual Fury and then whoever wins by speed will destroy the other, will have increased maximum damage, all health and will be faster than most of the dinos that can enter … Two of my last 5 battles yesterday were like that in the first turn. After that first turn I could turn off mobile because there was no option. I think I could opt for Top50 but that’s where my tournament is over.

Yeah I’ve somehow won an Indom2 vs Indom2 with both mutual furying. But if I cloak and opponent tries to do rampage with mutual fury, I wonder if that could work.

Highest I’ve reached was rank 56 yesterday, now I’ve dropped to 77. I hope I don’t drop from top 100. Can’t play much during the next hours.

It really wouldn’t work. Hopefully the cloak would avoid part of the damage, but then the opponent would win again for speed and the first blow goes through the cloak.

Well, there is only one hour left, I don’t think you lose that position, congratulations. I was almost the entire Top100 tournament but, after those last defeats yesterday by speed, I left the tournament, claiming to be Top250.

Thanks. I got position 74.

Congratulations. I managed to save the Top250 but it’s a shame because without that speed problem it would have been Top100 or even Top50.

It’s okay to win some notes but knowing that you can never be in the top positions in these tournaments is sad.

Congratz on top 250!

Thanks !!!

750 notes is a good consolation prize … as long as Ludia doesn’t steal them like they did with the ones I got last contest.

Why did they take them? Did you contact them about it?

IndomG2 vs IndomG2 gave me high blood pressure. At least I knew if I lost that matchup I might as well just exist the game, lol.

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Or make use of Christmas Chicken.

According to Ludia, I made two purchases of rare incubators involuntarily at the same minute. I know that it is possible, although very difficult, that by putting your cell phone in your pocket you make an involuntary purchase. This involves making three involuntary movements. As I say, something difficult but possible that has already suffered more players, including two teammates from my alliance, one of whom left the game because of that. It is one of the worst things that can happen to you, spending 1000 bills that cost a lot to get to get an incubator full of garbage. Well, I found 2000 tickets less and according to Ludia I made the involuntary purchase of 2 incubators in the same minute, which would involve making 22 involuntary movements … in a single minute! That is impossible even voluntarily. I explained it to Ludia a thousand times but there was no way, Ludia closes in band and her customer service staff ended up insulting me for insisting. They care very little about users. I have already given up on recovering the 1000 or 2000 notes that were stolen from me, so I only have the option of publishing hundreds or thousands of bad scores in all the ranking agencies of game ranges. It seems that does not matter much to Ludia but well, at least I do not stand idly by this robbery.

There should be at least some confirmation or something before buying, I’ve noticed there’s none when buying stuff. The problem is that Ludia cannot know if you did or didn’t voluntarily buy those 2 incubators and wanted the money back because you changed your mind. I mean that’s the only reason I think they could use.

The only negative takeaway I had from the tourney was the battles seemed to take forever.

Thanks to Ludia’s idea to give every ceratopsian a healing, shielding move.

Well, there are only four reasons why someone would spend notes buying generic rare incubators (it would make minimal sense in rare incubators that secure a specific creature) in a world where with 2000 notes you can buy 4 Boost that are better than 20 rare incubators although at 20 they gave you the best possible DNA:

  1. He has a serious mental deficiency
  2. He has gambling problems that should be treated medically
  3. He is under the effect of burning substances and has a transient mental disorder.
  4. He is a billionaire and does not know how to burn money

and it is not my case

However, even if it had been voluntary, it is impossible to buy two rare incubators and open them at the same minute. Well, according to Ludia, I was able to buy and open two rare incubators at the same minute (05:26 UTC on August 27) considering that to do that I should make no less than 20 keystrokes on the screen and that every time An incubator opens and a dinosaur appears, coins or darts must pass several seconds before you can press again. It is evident that it is completely impossible and that it was an error, one more, of the system. But Ludia is like that. I must recognize that although with a possibility less than 0.01% I could, involuntarily, give 4 touches on the screen at the exact point and buy a rare incubator garbage but Ludia cannot recognize that it is impossible for me to buy 2 Rare incubators in the same minute neither involuntarily nor voluntarily. That is the difference between them and me. They live on their pedestal despising users … but in the digital world users have more power than companies think … and I’m sure I’m going to lose Ludia more money than the euros that Ludia has stolen from me

Even if you do lose the speed tie, it is possible to win without using Mutual Fury. I think what I did was Definite Strike (which did 50% extra thanks to the opponent’s MF) followed by Cloak when the opponent when for APR (luckily I dodged), then Definite Strike again.

I found Indo G2 vs Indo G2 really annoying in the previous one though, the slower one stands little chance against Definite Rampage, and they lose their strongest dino.

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