It finally changed

Screenshot_20190715-153757 Screenshot_20190715-153752

They did it, they changed them after such a long time. Thanks so much Ludia



The epics are a joke and so is irritator gen 2 but I’m really happy with both rares :slight_smile: Not complaining!


Has been lvling tyro to deal with tryko n dio, so the bary is much welcomed! :smile:

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Just kidding… though it will be missed

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Never thought I’d see the day!! /s

But yeah; glad to see it’s going to chance on a regular basis!! :smiley:

:smiley: dime, the final insult for local 3, poor people. Anyway no longer 3 out of 6 out of local 1 and bary 2 and dime, that’s an improvement.



Allo, Dimetrodon, Bary Gen 2 and Bary! Yes!!!

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:man_dancing: :man_dancing: :man_dancing: :man_dancing:

awesome but changing every 2 weeks?? who thinks this stuff up…


Whatchu mean by that?

Well dime was the one good thing left in local three after it got hosed by the migration. At the moment I commented I thought we were getting free dime for six months which made local three an even worse local. Only two weeks will not be that bad :slight_smile:

I think two weeks is best for balance… something that this game needs some help with. These rewards shouldnt be a primary source of dna but a boost of dna. Only need to spend 5 minutes in the lower arenas to see how badly the same rewards for extended periods of time can affect them.

Look at sino… had it not been an alliance rewards for as long as it was would thor be considered the problem dino it is now or would it be considered a hard to level dino that deserves to be strong do to the rarity of sino spawns.

Outside of events and the alliance rewards sino hybrids can be kinda hard to level. Not tryko hard clearly but harder then many when where left with just sino spawns to level them.


Erlikospyx, here I come!

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I came here to say the same thing about area 3. But I’m glad they will change up that sounds great to me.

yeah but two weeks… 1 month wont disturb the “balance”

edit: only balance in this game is the balance of your checking accounts :grin:

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How are you not complaining you just said you are not satisfied???

IrritatorGen2 And Bary,All I Wanted To!

Honestly i would have been fine with a month as well.

On the plus side when we get the certain bad line ups and looking at the older data mine there are some stinkers we only have to deal with it for 2 weeks.

There is no list that will make everyone happy… cycling more frequently means less of a chance of someone being unhappy for a whole month…

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