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It finally happened to me. Oh that ludia! (story time)

Fellow Jurassic Friends,

It is with great shame that I write this post. Ludia got me. Oh that silly Ludia, they finally got me! For a fleeting moment, the tiniest of tiny moments, I let myself get distracted and it happened.

I had just completed the monsters of the deep event. Saddened that the reward was only a spin of the prize wheel. Oh how I longed for that Climate Shift pack, but it was not to be, as it is never is. And then, from the depths of the kitchen, my girlfriend asks me a question. I look away from my phone, I answer said question, I look back at my phone… AND THEN THE HORROR.

I saw this tiny green button. For a nanosecond I had forgotten that I had just played the PvE monsters of the deep, and as my body, so used to seeing that tiny green button during my PvP grind, just clicked it.

I can’t even tell you how many bucks it cost me, I just saw that prize wheel spin again, and I thought to myself… “you know, this mistake could be worth it. Maybe I’ll get a Rajastega. I’m not sure if that’s in this prize wheel, but please for the love of God give me anything that might make my mistake less horrible.”

Friends, are you ready to know what I received? It was a TRICERATOPS.
:rofl: :laughing: :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:

Oh I can only laugh at my misfortunes. I had been so diligent in double checking the green button, but a slight distraction caught me off guard!

Can anyone tell me how many bucks I lost? I think it might have been 1,000+, but I hold my head in shame as I laugh hysterically. My advice to you all, the end of PvE events require your full undivided attention. Do not let yourself get distracted!!

Sorry for the long post, but for those that stuck around to read it, I hope it brought you a laugh today!


  • Played PvE event monsters of the deep, spun the prize wheel
  • got distracted
  • clicked on the “spin again” for however many thousands of bucks
  • the extra spin got me a triceratops
  • Ludia finally got me, shame on me.
  • extremely funny experience.

That’s one big pile of …

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“Regrets,… I’ve had a few …, but then again … too few to mention …” :no_mouth:

I accidentally paid for cooldowns on two recently used Dinos yesterday as I was trying to do two things at once (talking and scrolling through dinos)…and that was on an iPad! Cost me ~300 DBs. Not sure how you all manage on a phone🤔

I think it was between 1200-1500 DB, don’t remember exactly but somewhere in there. RIP DinoBucks.


Nice to know its not just me getting distracted and making mistakes. In battle I have been known to time out on my turn.

I’ve erroneously hit the trade button and lost a few bucks, but this takes the cake. For triceratops?? Receiving that shouldn’t even be an option. :woman_facepalming:t3:


You should actually be more ashamed that you played Monster of the Deep at all, lousy event, pathetic awards and a waste of time. :wink:

You’re so right! Rewards would definitely have been better if I played 5 PvP events instead. Shame on me x 2!! :rofl: :rofl:


Thanks also for introducing me to a new acronym with the “TLDR”… surprised as someone that has been on the internet as long as I have that I haven’t ever run across this before (at least enough to look it up) - considering how long a lot of my posts get, that’s definitely something I’m going to be borrowing in the future! :slight_smile:

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