It finally happened!

I found 4 Darwinopterus’ today to create this!



Congrats!! :sunglasses:

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I don’t think I will have him in near future… focus on stygidarix first then I will work on him and need to lvl monomimus to 20 first too …

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Congrats! I created the other Darwin unique and my Darwin is at level 17 now. I was out for hours today and didn’t see 1 Darwin. I was really hoping I would. It’s a struggle on that bird.

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It really is. Now I have to find more to work towards the other hybrid. Stygimoloch will be patiently waiting. Lol

I won’t have this unique as all Mono Epic DNA will be given to Monostego.

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I’m the opposite. Monostegotops is the only legendary I haven’t leveled to 20 it’s still at 16.

I screwed up and took monomimus to 22 before it got a hybrid and before it was nerfed twice.

Yay, another cousin for Caesar
He is very happy for you


My Monomimus was unlocked right after the first nerf and it is still at 16.
My Monostego is now at 24 which is a member of my team.


I love Monostegotops. Mine is level 20. :heart:
You can never have too much Monolophosaurus DNA. I gave most of my Monolophosaurus DNA to Monostegotops before I started leveling up Monomimus.

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I’ll be able to start fusing for Pterovexus next Saturday. Found 3 Darwins yesterday, but darted badly, so couldn’t get first fuse.

EDIT: My Monostego is lvl 25. Went after it, instead of Monomimus, to counter Indo. Saving some Monolopho to create Pterovexus.

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Yesterday I went from 21 to 23. I :heart: her :smiley:


What is this “Monolophosaurus” you speak of? The legends speak of it, but I have only chanced upon this creature once in my lifetime.

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Epic monolophosaurus is so rare. So all the dna I have I’m saving for vex. I doubt it’ll be good anyway but I want to create it. Even once I do create it and if it is good I won’t ever find enough Darwin to level vex up much lol. I’m still upset monomimus got a hybrid after I took it to level 22. Now it’s a double waste because monomimus sucks after all the nerfs. It used to be so good. Then they replace it with the green bird and it’s like even better. I got my green bird to 20 and I’m leaving it there so it can get nerfed and a hybrid too.

Congratulations, @QueenRexy! I really like the design for Pterovexus. :star_struck:

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I like the design too and the immunity. :blush:

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Yeah, I need to.

I hope more Darwinopterus’ will come your way on Saturday. Hopefully in the future it will return for another event.

Gentle reminder to Ludia. :grin: Poke, poke

I found 3 Darwin today. I’ll count that as a win because last Saturday I found none. I am still a few levels from 20 though ugh.

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