It finally happened!

I found one today. It’s not much, but I’m still happy. :grinning:

It’s better than the mythical creature that is Diplodocus. Lol! :sweat_smile: I can’t believe after an entire week, I saw only one and it disappeared like in two seconds after it spawned. :confounded::sob:

Ugh that sucks. Anytime I find a Darwin it’s a win. Even if it’s 1. Of course finding more is unreal like today was.

Today was the best hunt I’ve had in a very long time. 3 Darwin, 3 diplodocus, 1 Kentrosaurus, 1 ouranosaurus, 1 baryonyx, 2 purrolyth, and of course lots of stegosaurs and some other rares. Also shot my 6 event rex.

I hate when something appears and you get there and it disappears. That happened to my girlfriend and I this week with a Kentrosaurus.

You had a really nice day! :grinning::+1:

There was an Argentinosaurus down the hill one time and I rush out of the house to go get it and then it disappeared just as I was about to get into my car. Errrr…The creatures need timers! :stopwatch:

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Very much they do. Something would be nice.

I created my Monomi shortly after it was released. Most powerful in my team.

Was loyal to her after the first two nerfs, but the third one killed it for me. Had her at level 19 at the time, and had to bench her.

Couldn’t get enough Triceratops DNA to develop Monosteg, until a few months ago, when I managed to collect enough DNA from special events. Finally managed to create her. Now I have her at level 19 and boosted a little. Very valuable when fighting Indom and Indo x33333

I loved monomimus it was my go to creature. It was fun to fight with and it wasn’t good. However, I made the mistake of leveling it up to level 22. Then they nerfed it and gave it a hybrid. The nerf I can handle but I’m just mad I wasted all that monolophosaurus dna to level it up and it has a unique now. Monolophosaurus is very rare for me to find. Monostegotops is the only legendary out of all of them that iceberg kept at base level because I’m saving my mono for the vex unique. Then I’ll level monostegotops up. But now they’re giving it a buff and it sounds like it’ll be even better than it is. I hate how it looks though.