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It got really bad... I'm taking a break


There are only so many trophies lost and connection issues I can stomach before I simply don’t want to play anymore. Been playing pretty constantly for the last few months but now I simply don’t want to log in anymore and the more I read up on the updates and changes the less excited I am to continue playing. More P2W was really not what this game needed. But the connection issues are most certainly the biggest problem and I hope they get fixed, but even then it may be too late… Good luck.


I’m feeling the same ( for the 1st time ever ) - battling is impossible, it times out but I’m still in a battle and I loose cups. So annoying


Am feeling the same too.


I lost 120 points without battling ones .

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I tried to earn my daily incubator today…still waiting for my first match to load!


Good one, bud :face_with_head_bandage:


Same here. I have played this game for over a year and spent money because I enjoyed it. There was no reason to completely ruin this game with the stupid updates no one wanted. But to make it completely unplayable with bugs everywhere and no patch, no response, no roll back, nothing. They just killed their game. Playing something different now. Goodbye Dino’s.


Same, just been trying to get a battle going for an incubator. Been 40 minutes now, and every single one has timed out. Would just focus on the towers, but would love to be able to get my daily Erlik DNA.


If you get timed out and booted mid-battle, immediately restart the app.

Whenever I do this, I can get back into the same battle and I can finish it.


Maybe after their weekend off , the management at Ludia will get some devs who know how to build a game without bugs ?
Or is it more likely that by the time they log back in to work there will be no game left to fix , because everyone has left to play something that works ?
Games are supposed to be fun but this has become nothing more than an absolute pain . Matchmaking was fine till 1.7 . And there no way the boosts are anything more than an ill conceived and stupid idea which will destroy the game .


The game just totally killed itself. Worse update yet and no patches to fix any of the bugs. The worst being the battles. Which is why I played the game. So many time outs. I should not have to restart the app just to start mid battle, 1, if not 2 dinosaurs down. Fix your game Ludia!

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