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It hurts

the picture says the whole story


Now I have to try not to scream everytime I look at my indoraptor


You’ll have to hit that sanctuary up for some Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA. Geesh, that’s a bummer though, @Dimodactylus!

It sucks, but not as much now that sanctuaries are a thing. Now when that happens I just go to my alliance’s level 20 sanc and FIP Rexy (in my case it’s for Erlidom/Tryko fuses since my Indoraptor is level 30).

I feel you, the same happened to me yesterday with diorajasaur…

I had the resources to level yoshi up, just thought I’m going to do an infuriating picture before actually doing so. This picture is older by the way.

The boost or the dna?

Next time they put Indo up for a weekly event dino, go hit it for 1 DNA. Problem solved.

But who knows when that will happen again

I have that with indominus Rex AND indoraptor… And tryko and Thor. :’(