It is not fair


My dino hunting will have to wait for another 6 months


Do you live in Edmonton? Lol


Yes I do! Lol, you in the same boat then?


I feel your pain. The number of times the rain starts just as I start hunting dinos. :sob:


Dinosaurs wouldn’t let a little bit of snow stop them and neither can you. Get out there in your mukluks and get to it


Haha, yup.


Here its in the high 90s today… But we do get thunderstorms daily, I dont know if it balances out


I reside in Wisconsin and it’s like I’ve seen my future.


I’m still having the opposite problem. 92 degrees at 5pm. Isnt it supposed to be Fall already!?


Whilst in the uk the weather can’t make its mind up… Sun and rain :umbrella: all in one day


And on some occasions it’s both sunny and raining. No wonder we talk so much about the weather. :joy:


I manage to grab all the strike event but damn, I have to wipe my screen over and over. Not to mention how awkward it is just standing in a field while it snows


Dedicated jwa player, I salute.

Dear Ludia, pls not to take this game gps any further


If it helps any of you guys/gals up in Canada feel any better, between hurricane Florence, roads being impassible for a while, and now working my butt off the past few days (with curfews still in effect), its been almost impossible to get out and do any dino hunting ><