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It is not possible to open Alpha chest

Today I gain enough keys for my Hard Alpha Chest, but it was no possible to
click on the claim button. After some time the error screen appeared

I tried to click to the claim button again but it was the same and after 1
or 2 minutes the game closed itself.
When I logged back, my keys was reset and i did not receive any rewards!
See second screenshot (you can see for example that the sum of fish are the

Due this glitch I miss fishes, Maeve’s trust points, draft card, sheep, 4
star dragon, scales and other usually rewards from the alpha chest!



Hey Klara_Chylikova, could I ask you to email our support team here at with your support key, if you haven’t already? Our team would be more than happy to help you.


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Well support are sending me some ‘loot’ to compensate the first lost chest, their email crossed with my one about the second chest, but I doubt they’ll compensate that one as well. It’s ok, but no sheep or 4* dragons which are the best loot.

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Thought this update would solve alpha problem and at first it seemed better, got all,3 battles in. But have just logged into game and no alpha. Again.

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So much for a bug fix! Couldn’t open my chest in the morning but I guess forcing closed did it for me with NOTHING to show for it when I logged back in 12 hours later. Now can’t log into Alpha Battles tried 3 times. Ludia really needs to get it together ! Your patches never work and massive updates are a total freaking catastrophe because there has be something so similar in operating systems across the board that you guys will probably never be able to get around or a set of gaming apps so popular we almost all have them and are completely counter active to your app by just having them downloaded.

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Same for me. I fight in alpha mode just for the chests and especially for the 4* dragons, sheeps and Maeve’s TP, and now I get nothing. Lost 2 alpha chests in 7 days for “can’t open chest” bug.

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Once a new alpha came after update it has been ok, even claimed a chest. The one that didn’t work might have existed pre-update and was still bugged.