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It is not the dinosaurs fault

Listen here, all of you, the dinos are not to blame for this unbalance. Boost, more commonly known as lazy buff work for Ludia, is a disgrace to a once proud, and enjoyable game. Boost have divided the arena, and are very expensive. Showing Ludia’s ways of draining our wallets
So the next time you say something needs nerfed say to yourself, " maybe what I’m saying is wrong."

Change my mind?

Can’t mate, as I pretty much agree. :grinning:

I don’t think the arena is all that badly balanced, but when you swamp it in boosts how can you tell? I think matchmaking is a pretty big issue, but again, swamped in boosts so how do you fix it?

Boosts is what kills this game. The only question is whether Ludia does anything about it in time.

Probably won’t.

I agree with you for the most part. Indo Gen 2 has many counters now since its cleansing was taken away. It can now be slowed and bled out. Learn to counter it. It does not need a nerf.

I’m not holding my breath, no.

What you said is correct. Its not the dinos fault!

With the exception of Proceratomimus I agree.

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What about the cases for when in same level tournaments some critters mop out most of the stuff? No boosts there.

Even Yoshi has plenty of counters.
Early on Purutaurus LP, rend, PR will often beat it, as will Carontarkus with a similar moveset.
Sure, it’s op but there are ways around it.
But the boosts, in particular speed boosts have a lot more to answer for than the Dino.

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Yoshi without boost is quite counterable. The problem comes when overboosts come in.

“Early on Suchotator can SS and bleed it” wait what?

Ah… my mistake
I was thinking if Indogen2 with that one!
I’ve edited that one now

Not true. Boosts are a huge problem but balancing is bad too, what can be seen in skill tournaments

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Counters mate, Counters.

Good luck countering Entelomoth, only Indo G2 maybe.

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Ludia made most of the hybrids, some of them probably wanted to be weak, but got stronger, and some wanted strength, but got weaker.

Honestly, I find counters for everything. Entelomoth is no exception

When I brought Entelomoth to the tournament, unless opponent had IndoG2 or played some risky strategy, my Entelomoth destroyed either 3 of their team or 2 and was still around for one last round of hitting.

I used this strategy when facing one. Throw your dinos at it, save your sweeper and just hit it, and hit it, and hit it until they switch out or sacrifice it. Works every time. The dinos I usually throw at it have full Immunity.