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It is not the dinosaurs fault

If you don’t have the sweeper picked, it’ll eat everything up. Maybe Tryostronix would work but I haven’t seen anyone try to use Tryo against it. They used Phorusaura, and they always lost. They tried Mammotherium but somehow Entelomoth still won. The only thing I saw that beats it quite often in 1v1 is IndoG2.

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That Is what I use, Tryo is one of my best Sweeping, Immune dinos in my team. I also use it to kill Procerat.

I found Tryo quite weak in this tourney, so gave up on it as it kept getting killed. I knew it as very strong, but it just disappointed me that I didn’t get a chance to use it to its full potential. Also, doesn’t Entelomoth with Mutual Fury outspeed it and can kill it with a rampage?

It would be a great dino, but it’s health and speed somewhat slow it down.

I will concede that the boosts are the primary problem. However!
The problem with the Dinos in question (yes, Yoshi and Indo2) is how easy they are to create for lower-level players. Getting enough DNA to level both of these things up is such a simple task, that players who have been playing for six months and have blown their entire paychecks on boosts can destroy veteran players in the arena. Boosts are the problem, but creatures that are easy to create and practical to boosts are also a problem.


While I definitely agree that boosts are the majority of the problem, there’s no denying that some dinosaurs are part of the problem as well.

Case in point Procerathomimus and Indominus g2 in epic skill tournaments, where there’s no boosts, but they dominate the tournament. Or like Indoraptor G2 and Entelomoth in legendary tournaments.

Exactly. I have no problem dealing with Procerat, but lower arena players, on the other hand…

i think i agree with this solely because of the guy who drew an indoraptor gen 2 getting t*rtured. It isnt the indoraptors fault, its the boosts that make it so damn good on top of how great it already is

My Level 24 Diorajasaur still gets destroyed by a level 30 boosted Procerathomimus in High Aviary/Low Library. It often happens that I’m having a good fight, Doing well, then my opponent brings out that monster. I refuse to partake in that [grawlix.] I mean, look at this: Which one of these is easier to obtain if you have deep pockets?

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In normal arena there are many variables like level and boosts, so you can pretty much build your counter to anything. But I’d say it is the dinos’ fault (technically, their designer’s fault) when it comes to tournaments. In most legendary and epic skill tournaments you will probabably see about 10 to 12 creatures being used way, way, waaaaaaay more than others. In Legendary ones you can be certain that everyone on top 100 will use Indo2, Entelomoth, Phorus and Monostego, probably Ardonto too. We have dozens and dozens of options, but half of everyone’s team is the same. That’s unbalance if you ask me.

It doesn’t matter as much in the top arena when everything is level 30, but the issue is that Procerat is so strong and yet so easy to level up, that players have level 30 Procerats by aviary, whereas uniques aren’t getting to 30 until usually about gyro (other than all the nitro thors in library).


ProceRat is undeniably broken. The advantage tournaments are proof of that…


This is a perfect place to use thoradolosaurus as an example. It’s not a very good dino. But the way people dump boosts 8into it makes it outrageous