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It is only 11 PM and I went to collect my rewards and it reset, now I lost all my rewards and talking to other team members it did it to them also

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Bug Description:
it is only 11 pm and I was working on finishing my daily and it reset, also happened to our other team members, how do I get my rewards and my turtle dna
Area is was found in:
daily challenges
How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1-
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using:android, other team iPhone so both

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

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I suggest that you contact support and make sure to fully describe your situation.

Daylight savings time

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I had something similar happen.
I was already 2/2 with rare scents so I was waiting for day time to start one and do the scent strike. An Irritator event dino near by had an hour and a half left, 20 min later I noticed the strike had 10 MIN. By the time I got there I popped the scent and did the tower with 3 min to spare. I’m used to event dinos being on the same timer as strikes.

I would think a big as well. It has happened to me on my Note 9 4x now. Definitely not happy. Cost me 400 DNA on my Turtle for sure, and possibly more. But tonight last x. Now I’m saying something as it reset with me having 3 battles to go for my 100. Every since time change its stuck back 1 hr or something. I work 3rd shift starting 10PM. Not acceptable in my opinion… Lwing66 #0986 Lots of Issues, I will offload them now as I find the topics / categories u push me to makes statements in.

This is the correct answer. Everything is an hour off now.

Exactly they reset their clock to reflect the change back! I was waiting and carefully watching for when they would fall back! It happened last night!

Everyone still got their full 24 hours. Nothing to see here.

1100 Turtle DNA lost from resets early. I truly thought Ludia would have made it right by me and fixed it. Gave me my dna but I guess I was wrong. Dont even use the turtle but still collect DNA… :frowning: canceled my sub bc of this mess til it’s fixed. Now update and system keeps kicking me telling me some SLT Cert on timing clock so WTH? I actually like this game 90% of time next to freezes, lags and constant passenger interception.

Seriously? You had the entire promised 24 hours to complete your missions. Not Ludias fault you wanted an extra hour.

What were they supposed to do, give you 25 hours on this particular day? Then you would complain you only got 23 hours next Spring.

And time changes are not universal. Some countries don’t change at all.

No you misunderstand completely

It wouldn’t let me on or kept kicking me. Even last night I took screenshot of me having 2 Dinos in battle, one dead 1 alive but no options to fight. Maybe my stuff is hacked, or corrupted files idk. But they tried to fix some of it and compensate me as others are having same issues. But yes, if given the 24hrs adequately and I dont finish, my fault entirely. No one elses… Thank you for your comments though… Complete SSLT Clock Certificate issue, it’s in the programming. Have Blessed and Happy New Year!

Here u can See the 2 Dinos and no options!

I won’t be Sarcastic in responding as I would just rather it fixed for everyone else’s enjoyment alongside my own as I actually like and Invest in the Game.

Oh, my bad. That is different than what happened to the original poster.

It’s all good, I understand, lol after playing WoW for years. I’m used to the unexpected…