It is the start of a new era!

6th of November while we’re ending 2021 and it is time! While my VIP membership comes close to month 15 and maybe half a year more into the game without it, today is the day I’ll be having my first ever Indoraptor and the birthday of Dark Ego!

So please wish her luck in her time with us, like if she needs it. :wink:

Brace yourselves and buckle up, I’m doing it as the rumblings yet to start in the Indominus enclosure.

Let’s approach her.

Easy does it.

Let’s feed her up. :cut_of_meat:

Now the gruntings rise up, as of now it looks like something bigger is happening in the fusing chambers.

Before the procedure, we should test her limits.

Despite this is not even a test for her.

What a brute… :expressionless:

Poor Pachy…

You are, My King. :crown:

And she leaves her mark, as she leaves.

Are we all set?

Calculations are done.

Park does now have a bigger danger of containment.


Let’s make a… breakfast?

Wouldn’t let her go with junky mods. :crown:

Ok, this is the safest point for the sake of the whole park. Secluded as possible.

And in the meanwhile…

Her sister “Deep Fear” will be joining her next week. :biohazard:

And right before the curtains go down…


Thank you for joining me. :blue_heart:


Congratulations my friend


I like how Indominus is not even one of the best late game hybrids but everybody is so happy with maxing him up​:joy::sweat_smile:. Congrats​:yum: on maxing me up


Congrats man! Welcome to the club… I always enjoy these comic strips of yours @Cagkan_Coskun :grin:

I really want to get indominus back in my lineup she has the best feeding animation and I just love her level 40 design, it’s on the to do list among many other things :yum:

Also what a great prize for indoms final battle, 1k dna made it all the more worthwile I bet.


Sure it did. :yum:

Now is the rest. :crown:


I’m not a hell of a story teller in English language like our beloved @Jurassic_Fury, but I think I made a decent farewell to my IRex and welcoming party for my new bad girl.

Since this was a huge step in my game, this should’ve been honoured with such ceremony and sure it did get.


Getting I Rex maxed up is more important than a wedding ceremony​:joy::sweat_smile:


Considering the fact that I won’t be marrying someone ever, you are right on point! :wink:



Ten characters

And it will also cost you far far less… :smirk: :money_with_wings:


So true haha :joy:


Since my new year’s goal is to create many endgame hybrids of all kinds and in numbers, I’ve decided to keep this thread alive and share those here in the meanwhile also to keep us from an exceed number of topics that eventually turns into a clogging on the main screen.

The thing is, I’m in the stockpiling period so the thread will be not that active, at least for a while. But since I’ve been getting good deals both in DNAs and LPs, I hope that won’t take that long as before.

I’ve checked and it’s been 2 months after the last entry, so we were still 1 month away from its turning into necro. :v:t2:

I tend to keep updating by some minor upgrades around at my park, but the thread’s new purpose will be fancy endgames.

Until then, cheers! :dna:

Btw, it says 3 months but it’s barely 2 months and a couple of days. Strange. :thinking: