It is time for needed game changes

It’s time to address a LOT of things that are stagnant, neglected or forgotten with JWA.

The “Set it & Forget it” programming is not working for us, the players.

Examples of “Set it & Forget it” programming.

Here are Alliances for you, but dont worry about any kind of leader tools to run them effectively, you will never have them.

Here are some weekly alliance quests for you to do, we hope you like Sino and Concave, because we are never going to change it up… ever.

Here are some Arena/Incubator exclusive dinos, but dont worry, we will never switch them up or rotate anything,… ever.

There are plenty more examples of stagnant, neglected game features too.

I say to Ludia…

It might be the easy road, but it is starting to reflect on the overall state of the game along with all the other issues like boosts and matchmaking.


Please put some time and effort into “quality of game” features, and soon. :slight_smile:


I was going to start a thread about how everyone just seems to have moved on and gotten used to the new normal, even though everything still sucks.

EDIT: Made the thread, not sure how long it’ll last.


You made me cry :joy: :joy: :joy:

But is so true as well





I just hope they keep Sino in there long enough for me to finish Thor. I don’t find much Sino in the wild. I’ll take all of the other junk with the rewards if they keep giving me Sino.

I hope you get Thor as well, its quite beastly. :slight_smile:

I also hope they change this asap lol.

Edit - but the way my luck has been rolling, the replacement would be koola or something worse lol.

My Thor is almost level 29. I just meant finish it as in get all the way to 30 haha. That’s 10 free fuses a week.

Indeed, and if anything like me, mostly 10s too! Lolz.

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Yeah the fusing is rarely enjoyable haha. I’m hoping for a 40 fuse tonight after i request Tarbo in a little bit. I predict that it will still be a couple days til i hit 29.

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I’m hoping I’d get my Rinex to level 30 before they change rewards. I currently have it at 28 but half way done for the next level. If not, not a big deal, just hope Sino doesnt become nearly extinct and we continue to see it on special events.

I completely agree on the alliance tools. Been suggesting it and worried about it myself. I used to screenshot trophies and check again in 24 hours to see if people are battling to contribute. With my job and personal life being so busy anymore I don’t have the time to worry about it. I appreciate my members who actively use chat and request dna and donate. Those all help to see who is playing but some sort of tool would be so much simpler. I don’t have time to stress over it. I have a pretty solid team though.

I also wish they would address some glitches and bugs in the game. I’ve mentioned in another thread about creatures still spawning inside strike towers.

I also think that after completing a strike tower it should disappear instead of being a ghost that you get mad you tap on. I mean who really needs the ghost tower? Make it a supply drop like a treasure chest does once opened.

I just want them to fix this iPhone 6 constant crash issue the most right now though.


Intersting that the conversation has all been about Sino and the Alliance tasks.

I would like to hear some thoughts and opinions on a usuable chat/donation window, a Last Online option for alliances or what about switching out the exclusive dinos after a solid year on lockdown?

Also be nice if they’d fix alliance chat. When you go battle then try to go send a message and it doesn’t show up. Ugh it’s so annoying.


I know how the extinct thing happens because it did when they threw stegosaurus’s into parks all winter. Now I spend 3 hours on Saturdays farming those things as I am working on Stegodzilla again being it can take 3 or 4 hits.


I want to get something to level 30 some day.

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I’m right there with ya and on an iPhone 6 crashing consistently and for some reason the most on stego/Darwin day mixed with getting 10s for fuses on stegodeus ans nodopatosaurus it’s been a loooooong rocky road.

I skipped all the posts after the OP, but we could all guess what they said.

Anyway, the ability to define your team by hunting and your ability to do such has been removed. Most of the DNA you need is locked behind a pay wall and incs etc…local dinos are more rare than ever. Hunting is a joke now



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Maybe we can sum up this with a simple comment “Ludia, fix your goddamn game”

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