It just keeps getting worse

As my characters advance in level more misses than ever? Quests where the character you need to move/attack with never in the battle queue? Still losing battle after battle after months of playing?

It’s BS! Going to give it a bit longer to see how the next update treats me. If it is more of the same I’m deleting.

If you are new here is some advice. I’ve been playing since May or June 2019 and once paid $3 for some worthless pack last summer (vowed never to spend more unless play/reviews got better). Unless you are really tolerant of losing much more often than winning then save yourself the frustration and get out early. I’m wasting my life away here!

I agree that the developers have done something wrong when players are better off when they DON’T level their heroes and gear (enemies in challenges get more difficult the stronger you get, and level 20 enemies are impossible to beat). They seriously need to ease up on the level/gear difficulty level.

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I concur, the counter-intuitive disadvantages applied to advancing heroes should be corrected in the next update. Unfortunately, i understand a few of the top 50 players continually complain the game is ‘too easy’, and this corrupting mechanic was applied to satisfy a small population of 10 to 20 players.

As this is harmful to the brand and is a significant distortion from the WotC principles for hero development, I suggest WotC use any tools at their disposal to have the developer correct this deformity. This should not occur in a D&D game.