It. Just. Takes. So. Long

Trying to get my 10 takedowns. 2 battles, 20 minutes. Dino and the turtle.

Swap in stun, instant charge, Dig-in, stun, instant charge, bring in turtle, dig-in, swap-in stun, repeat.


I feel you, I really do. I have the same thing. I’m starting to hate Dig In in particular.

It is like watching paint dry battling Turtle against Turtle. I know from experience because this happened to me in the tournament a couple of times. Dig in does get annoying

I dropped my turtle. It was underperforming. The real menace this time is marsupial lion.


i tried using both turtles. does not help having both drawn in a match. :sweat_smile:

Carbo either does really well or falls pretty flat. If you don’t have a chomper, battling it is rough. Marsupial lion, secondo, and allo2 are all very effective vs carbo. Mammoth works too and diplod can work in a pinch.

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Took me an hour on both my wifes and mine, but it’s out of the way and I can enjoy the weekend. I think Marsupial Lion and Secondo were my MVP’s.
Won’t do Allo G2 again.

The beauty of these tourneys is that it costs nothing to enter, and you can use whatever you like.

I can’t stand the turtle v turtle monotony so I simply don’t use either of them.

Now i kinda wanna see a carbo vs carbo fight until one dies

you’ll be waiting a while. it’s a slow process.

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I let mine die during the last tournament. I don’t think it would have ended. Can’t recall what I brought out but one bite and it was over finally.

I got my 10 kills this morning and tried to battle but that was enough of that for the weekend. Stun dig in ram stun dig in ram. Forget that.

i haven’t played much yet, but i have gotten my takedowns today so i don’t need to worry about that. i’m having some fun trying out the deer and the rare turtle.

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Michelangelo vs. Michelangelo is quite the chess match. Mikey vs. Leo is a little easier. Leo has cooler looking animations, but gets beat up without the dig in shield to stop the devastation.

Try using marsupial lions against the turtles. It works.

I have 4 chompers (and Diplodocus) on my team now. I just want to be sure that I can take out the turtle every single time.:upside_down_face:

Turtle vs turtle or Sinoceratops vs turtle are brutal match ups. Luckily the last one I did I won against my opponent’s turtle. I always hope that if I can severely weaken the turtle with Sinoceratops, I hope to either finish with something else like Diplodocus. Marsupial Lion does really well against the turtle. Although I have noticed that even though Rending Takedown doesn’t usually take down the turtle on turn 2 (unless it crits), I’ve had several opponents go for dig in on the second move. I’m always confused by that. :thinking:

Speaking of turtle battles…lol :laughing::turtle:

Screenshot_20200426-111405_JW Alive

Here was the result.

Screenshot_20200426-111504_JW Alive

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