It may be time.

Ever since it arrived in the game, I said I’d never power up and/or use Monomimus. However, if Bleeding runs rampant any time in the near future… I may have to. It’ll be a sad day, and I hope it never comes. Who knows how things will unfold? I doubt any of us do, and Ludia probably doesn’t either lol.

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I hope you get the highest rng, best of luck on the fusing! That mono of yours will do wonders :grin:

Every new update there is a like new phase in battling. Superiority strike has it runs, now it’s bleeding. I bet the next update there will be more immune dinos, to balance.

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I saw Stegodeus and Monomimus are the most complained “too op” hybrids on this forum.

So watch out, they can nerf Stegodeus now, maybe they could also nerf Monomimus in the future.:cry:

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I would love if Ludia went on an Immune-kick. Maybe they’ll bless my Magnapyritor with some more health :pray:t2:

True. No one is safe from the nerfing :eyes:

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That wasnt just a specific stegogod nerf though… it was s reworking of ss… most likely because the buff to bleeders wasnt enough because of all the dinos with ss… thats the way im taking it for now…

And if were gonna be honest I think its wierd a dino can be immune to bleeding… wouldnt be completely surprised if that was changed as well. I know mechanics wise its a debuff but still jist feels odd to me.

“If it bleeds, we can kill it!”

Probably why Invincibility emu never seems to bloody die LOL! God I hate that thing!

Mind you MINE never seems to dodge! Ive actually been considering replacing it with something else like I did with Indom, since its cloak failed 90% of the time!

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Any time I face one, I never seem to land a hit lol