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It must be intentional

For the longest time I have tried to be forgiving of Ludia. I have assumed that the reason the game consistently spirals downward further and further with every update is simply because Ludia are incompetent. They have absolutely no understanding of the game they have created, or game balance in general. Everything they introduce into the game may be done so with the best of intentions, but without the foresight to see how it will mess things up. It was kinder, in my mind, to just assume ignorance. I can forgive ignorance; it’s not your fault if you dont know or understand something.

This kinder view became harder and harder to maintain over the last few updates. The Swap in Rampage went un-changed for so long, despite its meta-breaking power, and only when stat boosts meant it could potentially one-shot half the dinos in the game from full health was it nerfed EVER so slightly. Bugs remained unfixed update after update, and overall it became harder to justify the continued state of the game as simply being unaware. Then 1.10 dropped. The big headline for the update? Blood effects. Of all the things the game needed, I would have to say that ‘realism’, in a game featuring genetic hybrids of extinct animals, would be right near the bottom of the list. That Ludia decided that they should invest TIME and EFFORT into programming this in, RATHER than fixing disconnect and spawning bugs, the wildly unbalanced matchmaking algorithm, or just rebalance how broken certain dinosaurs had become, or basically ANYTHING else of substance in the game, speaks of more than incompetence. The unfortunate truth is that Ludia can no longer hide behind the veil of simply being too stupid to run their game properly. The reality is clear; they simply do not care, and are just screwing with us at this point.