It only took 7 Months to fix the most broken OP move in the game - SiDSR

Well done @Ludia, in Patch 1.8 you’re finally re-balancing the most game-breaking move in JWA. I said it then [Swap-in (defence) Shattering Rampage should go], I’ll say it again; the game never needed ‘Swap-in Defence Shattering Rampage’. Ever!

If there’s one move that wrecked the playability of JWA for everyone then its SiDSR, a largely unpredictable, uncounterable, over-powered bolt from the blue (with a number of damage only known to it’s user). Yet Ludia decided to keep it in the game so long, allowed it define the meta, become a scourge in the Arena and even let people pump stat-modifiers into the creatures to boost this insanely abused move further off the scale. SiDSR has probably done more damage to the game’s reputation than anything else, yet it was left in for so long, even when so much of the player-base was shouting out about it to be removed/fixed. It’s a Cheap Win move which killed strategy, killed fun and enjoyment of battling and it certainly killed balance, and I dare say along with ‘stat boosts’ killed off MetaHubs enthusiam to cover the game anymore as people fall away from JWA like flies (I quit for an entire patch because of Dracorats proliference). But is it too late? Players have quit, the damage is done.

Let’s see if they can now fix the number one most broken mechanic ‘Stat Modifiers’ before the rest of their player-base just give up and move on (to Harry Potter?). How many months will it take before Ludia remove the boosts that have so seriously broken things? Only then can we have the fun, fair and mostly ‘balanced’ competitive battling game we once loved.


You think it’s fixed :rofl: I love your optimism


No. I don’t think it’s completely fixed - ‘Defence-Shattering’ should never have been on a swap-in move! Ever! But reducing the move to Swap-In Rampage will at least make bulky tanks and shield users much more relevant again. Personally I wouldn’t like to see any high-damage swap-in-attacks in a game like this (nerfs, buffs, stuns, nullifies, slows are all fine), but OP damage making moves will only lead to their abuse.

Wait till you get a load of Monostego and Tryko.
You are going to be soooooo upset. LOL

Nothing really change, except that Dracocera is now counterable with shields and armor. Most of top dinos are without armor.

Boosts will stay in game. Dracocera and Draco are different thing. They don’t get anything from those dinos. Boosts are making profit for them, so no, they won’t disappear.

But none of this dinos can kill ”the” anyway…!?

Thats why the tops dino will probably change,but i think draco will now counter thor since his impact crit won’t one shoot him if he have one boost up or one lvl higher…

“Fixed” is a strong word.

We’ll see how this plays out.