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It’s a new year Ludia, please save JWA!

A new year has begun, and it’s always nice to make people happy in a new year. It’s the second year now for JWA, a game that was once very beautiful and a very fun game to play. Please have it return to it’s former glory of being a very fun and beautiful game, I have some suggestions you can do for JWA if you need ideas:

  1. Fix all the bugs in the game: there are currently arena bugs, alliance bugs, map bugs etc that are in the game. In the arena you sometimes loose the ability to select moves which isn’t fun. The map sometimes won’t load, making you loose some awesome dinos, strike events, supply drops etc. It’s always infuriating that you sometimes cannot scroll in the alliance chat which is also devastating, so please, make 2020 a awesome year for JWA.

  2. Do something about stat boosts: ever since stat boosts came, everyone went crazy on Thor which is driving all the ones who don’t have a highly boosted Thor angry. We’re all sick and tired of seeing highly boosted Thor’s, stat boosts can stay but they need a rework, how about this?:
    Nerf the power of the boosts and reduce the max tier of stats to 5, it’s a pretty good idea to make them weak and have a very low tier, meaning no more 132+ Speed Thoradolosaur, trykosaurus, tenontorex etc. Also, I think it would be a very good idea to make sure that the only way you can get stat boosts are from arena incs, which means no more boost offers in the store.

  3. Make better offers and have themed scents for sale for a unlimited time: it’s always nice to see a affordable and reasonable price for a great item, I also feel like it would be nice to purchase themed scents for a unlimited time, 200 HC for a themed scent is a very understandable and good price, so keep the price at 200 HC. Though if you feel like the themed scents would be better than a regular rare scent (which I guess I can agree on since some themed scents can draw exclusive creatures while regular rare scents can’t), make the price a little bit expensive, 250 HC would be a reasonable price for a themed scent if it includes any exclusive creatures.

  4. Speedties: yes, speedties are infuriating, especially if your very slow or if you don’t have a very good device. I can understand why it’s a good idea to have the person who clicks on the move first goes first, but it’s very stressful. How about this: so you know how sometimes in a code 19 in JWTG where you have to click the screen at the right timing? You know the one that’s at the very bottom and have to click on your screen when the white line is on the yellow spot? Yeah that. The first person who clicks on the black spot looses and goes second, while the winner goes first. Here are some other concepts:

  • If one person decides not to partake and not tap at all, the other person goes first even if they click at the wrong timing.

  • If both people don’t partake, the person who goes first will be decided randomly.

  • If both players hit yellow, it keeps going until someone clicks on black or if someone decides not to partake anymore. Keep in mind that the white line WILL go faster the more both players hit yellow.

  • If both players click on black, the one closer to the yellow will gain priority.

  1. Do something about tournament and sanctuary Exclusive dinos: I find it painful to see some creatures tournament and sanctuary exclusive because you can’t find them in the wild or in arena incubators. I know you can get them from specific events, scents, and from players that have those creatures in sanctuaries, but here’s the problem for each:

Events: who knows how long it will take for us to get that specific event? It may never come in a whole year.

Scents: you can get extremely unlucky and not get that creature you want.

Sancs: chances are your a really low level player and you cannot use your sanc resources on them because they are too dangerous for your level, and your gonna need someone else’s creature to unlock the creature yourself. What if no one’s playing this game in your neighborhood or anyway near you or no one wants you in their alliance?

So please, make all those tournament/sanc exclusive creatures either wild spawners or arena exclusive ones. If you feel like this will cause unbalance, in exchange of making those tournament and sanc exclusive dinos either wild spawners or arena exclusive ones. Try making some wild spawners arena exclusive, because we don’t want to wait for god knows how long that specific event will come, waste bucks trying to get that exclusive creature but end up being unlucky and having to use sancs when we are a very low level, not in a alliance or no one isn’t playing near us.

Those are 5 suggestions you can do to JWA that will make both the players are yourselves happy. If you can fix all the bugs in the game, have better offers in the store, do something about stat boosts, speedties, and tournament/ sanctuary exclusive dinos. You will impress both yourselves and us. You can give yourself a pat on the back and we’ll give you around of applause for all the hard work you did to make a better JWA.

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They just dont care buddy all that matters is sell all trash boosts they can they will do whathever they need to get money from the player base , im expecting a new buffed cs next update with armor piercing and then shatering move and so on…


Beginning of the third calendar year now, really.

14 March, 2018 release date.

JWA Time is over since boosts…like ludia said: „boosts are here to stay“…ludia doesn’t care the players otherwise they would never brought boosts in game…they knew boosts will destroy the game


Ludia doesn’t want a pat on the back, they want to open their wallets and have players put money in them. You need to think more like them. How can we make more money off the players? Unless it makes more money, immediately, not long-term, Ludia won’t care. That’s why they brought back all the special sales, why boosts are in the store every day, why they sell trash DNA or random Unique DNA at such incredibly high prices.

So, if you want them to listen redo your list and put down how much more they could charge for each thing that makes the game a little better.

Hmm, they actually might fix all the bugs if they could charge each person $9.99 for it. “Want the unbuggy version of JWA? Only $9.99 in the store!”

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