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It’s a sad day

I was rearranging my park and upon moving my decorations from whatever crevasse I had them sitting in, and when looking for my anniversary decorations I could only find my 4 and 6 year anniversary decorations.

I think some time ago I sold them, or traded them away, but I don’t remember at all when I did, but I do remember having more, maybe missing one or two due to irl issues.

Just silly decorations to some, these mattered to me most because I am a launch player and it’s one of the few proofs that I can back up my claims. With these decorations never coming around again, it means I’ll never get a chance to get them again :confounded:


We’re there other ones? I don’t think there was a five year, and not sure there was a three year as that might have been right before my time. Can’t speak to the ones earlier than that.

Those are the only two I have:

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i think its kinda bad decision to sell boss statue because you will never get it back

You can get them back whenever there is another “Boss Alert.” Each boss event is happening multiple times.

Maybe not… It just seems strange that Ludia would skip out on these, but I guess Ludia can be Ludia sometimes.

We’ll have to see if anyone else in the community has em.

@ZenoRex @shivam324235 they aren’t boss statues though, or even the easter/snack/trex/JPgates where they come around once a year. These are very unique because they are a one/time unlock.

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I meant that you can get the boss statues next time if you missed the recent ones, but yes, you are right. I feel sorry for you :frowning:

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No 5 year anniversary decoration here either. Years 1-3 are before my time

Edit: Looking back at your Coin Production thread, you (nor anyone else) didn’t have those statues then either


Okie, thanks for the clarification. I can at least sleep soundly knowing I didn’t sell these decorations, or at least the 5y one. Still remains to be seen if 1y-3y exist.

@Keith @Daven

Can you confirm if these decorations existed, the 1Y, 2Y, 3Y anniversary decorations? Maybe even look into why the 5Y anniversary decoration is missing?

My life feels incomplete without them :pensive:


I only have 4 and 6 as well.

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A little late to respond, but their was no decoration to mark the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 5th anniversary.


Thanks Keith, Better late than never :wink: