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It’s a Smilodon!

Got this baby this morning in an epic incubator.
Good: abilities are awesome
Bad: low health


Well done i am looking forward to mondsy to capture him


I want it!

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Lucky you,

I received 149/150 , Then a lot of secodonto… :rage:

I will have to wait until monday.


Omg it looks adorable! :heart_eyes: I waaant itt!!!

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Ahhh man… ouch

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You gotta run him in the tourney this weekend. Many folks would not have had a chance to pick one up since the update only launched in tuesday

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epic from the store? fierce or regular? just curious

What was his original speed?

Original speed =129?

In my case was a 24hr incubator from the arena.

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The epic incubator was also from battling in the arena

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monday is “Half-tooth” hunt

Me too, but… Didn’t you uninstall the game?

Yh that was trying a trick for the update and wifi was playing up do couldn’t download it again until next day

@K.rex here’s someone with the cat!

Got it from fridays epic strike incubator.

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What was Monday? I’ve never seen it anywhere other than battling against someone who has it

Smilodon spawns on Monday. Its an Epic so you can’t guarantee you’ll see 1 epic let alone the right one.

But that’s the day,